New eBook Release this month from Loveswept – Morgan’s Woman, by Judith E French

With all of the hype about Western romances here is a story you’ll love.

Sparks fly as a spirited widow on the lam tries to outrun a mercenary on a mission in Judith E. French’s pulse-pounding romance set in the untamed West.

Proud, iron-willed Tennessee widow Tamsin MacGreggor is wanted—dead or alive—for a crime she didn’t commit. But out West the law is shoot first, ask questions later. So she’s running for her life—with notoriously handsome bounty hunter Ash Morgan in hot pursuit.

Tamsin is Morgan’s match, shrewd and strong enough to escape capture. Twice. But catching her now is more than Morgan’s duty—it’s personal. For somehow she has slipped past his defenses and stolen his well-guarded heart. A passionate affair erupts in the wilds of a harsh, unforgiving land where a bounty hunter must finish his job—and an innocent woman will do whatever it takes to save herself from a hangman’s noose.

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Morgan’s Woman, on sale 5/14 – Buy here.

Love those Western romances, don’t you? Historical or Contemporary, if it is set in the West I’ll read it — what about you? Which do you prefer, Historical or Contemporary Western romances?

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