Meeting authors, by Nikki + GIVEAWAY!

Meeting authors, by Nikki + GIVEAWAY!
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Meeting Authors and Reader Events- A Virgin Tale

Let me begin by telling you how excited I am to be here today! I feel extremely privileged to be asked to speak on any topic at all. I’m Nikki and I blog all about everything over at Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind. Well, mostly about sexy romance and a few awesome young adult books I get my hands on. Oh…and hotties. Lots of hotties.

I may have been reading for years…and blogging for the past year, but only recently did I meet my first author. I live in Massillon, Ohio. Not exactly the mecca of the writing community. I had heard that Leah Clifford lives near Cleveland, Ohio (also not a writing mecca) and asked her about the possibility of her doing a signing in the area. Ok, I begged her. To my astonishment she said there was in fact a signing scheduled and that she wouldn’t be alone. Courtney Allison Moulton and Lisa Desrochers was going to be with her. I was ESTATIC. Then the unthinkable happened. She invited me and my uber awesome cousin Julie A Lindsey out to dinner with them after the signing? WHAT?! Seriously?

I had the best time. The biggest thing I walked away from that event with? Writers are simply people. Super cool people…but just people. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Talk, laugh and listen. All three of them (oh, that’s me in the black) were so nice. It was casual and lighthearted and for my very first signing…they made it easy on me. They certainly didn’t have to invite us out. So thank you to them for making us feel so at ease.

The very next weekend though….I got to go to my first conference!! I went to the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together! It was affordably priced and within driving distance for me. I knew I couldn’t miss this chance. So I packed my bag and made the drive. It was one of the funnest weekends of my life. I got to meet all kinds of authors, agents, bloggers and industry individuals (Sue Grimshaw- *cough cough*). I even got to cuddle a giant cardboard cutout of my man Dare from Lori’s book “When You Dare

Ok, I may have felt up all three cut outs. Notice the placement of my hands if you will. Totally didn’t mean that. Ok, I did. Can you blame me really? I mean LOOK AT THEM. If I could have smuggled one out on the top of my car, I totally would have.

The entire conference is laid back. You chat with authors, they pose with you if you ask, they sign books and you eat meals with them. Again, they are people. Rockstars to me…sure…but also wives, mothers, friends and sisters. I even got to meet Nalini Singh! I *may* have squealed a bit when I met her. I made some incredible friends that weekend. Authors who I am a fan of, I can now call friend.

Here I am with JA Saare. She is about the nicest person ever. We chatted for quite awhile while I was there. And since being home a bit as well.

Don’t be afraid to go to author events, conferences or signings. You will not regret standing in line to meet some of your favorite authors. They love you as much as you love them. Well, unless you’re creepy. Then probably not so much. You get what I’m saying. You, the reader, are why they are able to do signings and conferences! They WANT to talk to you! Don’t be shy! Some of them can be quite pricey. I can’t afford the big events. You do get lots of freebies though and Lori Foster’s event was only $50 + hotel! That’s unheard of, trust me. Local book store signings are of course only the price of the book you are buying for them to sign. It’s worth me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

I walked away with a ton of signed books, swag galore and FRIENDS! I’m already planning my trip for next year.

Thanks so much for having me here today! Anytime I have an excuse to show me fondling that cardboard cutout is a good day for me. You can find me online at my blog or on Twitter!


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