My favorite seasonal movies are . . . what are yours?

My favorite seasonal movies are . . . what are yours?

How could I not begin this post with THE CHRISTMAS CAROL — one of my all time favs. When I was growing up in Milwaukee, WI, there were two things we always did to celebrate the holidays — travel downtown Milwaukee to the Milwaukee Repertoire Theater to watch the play, THE CHRISTMAS CAROL & we also celebrated by attending the NUTCRACKER Ballet, presented by the Milwaukee Ballet – woot! Memories . . . Now, I watch Snoopy on TV –

I certainly have enjoyed Tim Allen in his Christmas movies - The Grinch is always a good one to keep the kids entertained . . . interesting that they never get scared —-

Rudolph is fun; It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic; Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwartzeneger was funny; Home Alone was hilarious —

I know I’m missing a few, do you have favorites, movies you watch time and time again? You have to share, there may be a few I’ve yet to see! Comment below & you may be one of 5 winners to be chosen each week – winners announced on Sunday -Good luck!!

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