My First Blog Post by Bobbie Baynard + Giveaway!

My First Blog Post by Bobbie Baynard  + Giveaway!
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Hi and welcome everyone to my first blog post. Wow! I can’t believe I just typed those words.

First, I would like to thank Sue Grimshaw for offering me this opportunity.

Second, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bobbie Baynard. I am @mamaboo7907 on Twitter. I am a married mom of two wonderful children. Books are my addiction and romance is my favorite genre. You usually will not find me without a book or my children near. *grin*

When Sue offered me this post, I about fell over in shock. Me, the fan girl who finally worked up the nerve to apply to a review site and who still can’t get over the fact I have authors as my friends on Facebook, doing a blog post? One word came to mind first–WOW, followed by YES!! I asked what she would like for me to write about and she said a review would be great. The first book that came to mind was Dark Empress by Anitra Lynn Mcleod.

Dark Empress
The Onic Empire Series
Book 5
By Anitra Lynn Mcleod
Epublished 9-13-2011 by Samhain Publishing

Lorren D’Buren is bored. Business is booming but something is missing. A hole that partner, best friend, and occasional lover, Errion Ald’Areed hasn’t been able to fill or repair. Then, at a reception for the ambassador from Diola, Lorren sees her. Farjika.

As the intergalactic ambassador for Diola, Farjika has isolated herself, trying to live down her mother’s wicked reputation for taking multiple lovers. One look at Lorren and all of her ideals and morals fly out the window in the wake of a torrid affair.

Errion is at first relieved, then dismayed by the affair, and sets in motion a night of bliss, dragging Farjika’s head guard, Gabriyel, along for the ride. Unknown to Errion, the consequences of his jealousy are far reaching and potentially deadly.

Although this is book 5 in the series, you don’t need read the other ones as this one can stand alone. Dark Empress has everything I love in a book: great setting, a character I love to hate, and smoking hot sex. My favorite character is Gabriyel. His strength and determination to protect Farjika from herself and himself made me fall in love with him. My only complaint is I would have liked to heard more of the back-story of Avalith, Errion and Lorren’s home planet. Otherwise, it is a well written book with humor, political intrigue, and plenty of love in and out of the bed.

I give this 4.5 stars.


Anitra has been kind enough to offer up a copy of any book off of her backlist to one lucky commenter!

***Note: the first three books of the Onic Empire are print only and can only be shipped in the US. The rest of the backlist is eBook and therefore can go internationally.***

At the end of today, October 11, I will pick a winner using and post the winner in the comments section. Good Luck!!!

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