Must-Have Scenes for the FIFTY SHADES Movie

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Aside from the obvious scenes we all want to see (aka the sex scenes) in the Fifty Shades movie, there are other moments in the book I really hope make it to the big screen. These are scenes that are so funny, so character revealing, or just so classic Fifty Shades I can’t imagine a film without them.  Below, my top five.

1. Ana interviews Christian Grey.

 Ana is out of her depth when she stumbles – literally – into the office of billionaire mogul Christian Grey to conduct an interview. She is awkward and bungles things a bit, asking among other things “Are you gay, Mr. Grey?” But he is clearly taken with her.

Why it belongs in the movie: The tension and banter in this scene set the tone for the rest of the book.

2. Christian visits the hardware store.

Ana is working at Clayton’s hardware store when in walks Christian Grey. She’s nearly speechless with shock.  He purchase cable ties, masking tape, and five yards of rope. She asks if he’s redecorating.


Why it belongs in the movie: It’s truly funny, and sets up great payoff later when he uses the items he buys at the store to bind her.

3.  Ana’s graduation ceremony.

She’s getting her diploma and what it looks like to the outside is totally different to what’s really happening. Is this accomplished mogul offering congratulations and words of wisdom to the new graduate? No. He’s asking her if there’s a problem with her laptop since she hasn’t responded to his emails. Hmmm. The heat is on as he hands Ana her diploma, and she realizes she’s holding up the procession.

Why it belongs in the movie: There’s an absurdity to this exchange that can only exist in the world created in this novel.

 4. Ana visits Christian’s parents’ house.

It’s unusual to meet the parents and sister of a romance hero, but Christian takes Ana to his parent’s Seattle mansion for dinner. We see Dr. Grace Trevelyan and Christian’s father, Carrick, and “raven haired, curvaceous” little sister Mia, who tells Ana that Christian has never brought a girl home before.


Why it belongs in the movie: The fact that Christian’s parents are deeply in love is interesting contrast to his aversion to having a relationship.

5. Christian shows up at the Savannah hotel bar

Ana and her mother are having drinks at an upscale hotel bar, where her mother is giving her words of wisdom about the male psyche. Ana is grappling with the fact that Christian had dinner with “Mrs. Robinson” in her absence.

Why it belongs in the movie: Shows that even when Ana is at her lowest and most jealous and insecure, he is still in it just as much – if not more – than she is.

What do you think? Have I missed any? Let us know the scenes that you’re dying to see come to life in February.

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