My Writing Haven – guest post by Bronwen Evans + drawing for a vacation Getaway!

My Writing Haven – guest post by Bronwen Evans + drawing for a vacation Getaway!

I’m having some writing friends join me at my beach house this week. I call it a beach house but it’s about a mile from the sea set amongst the vineyards. I look out over grape vines through one of New Zealand’s premium wineries, Elephant Hill, out to the sea. It’s actually about to storm here even though it’s about 32C (around 90f). The sea’s suddenly gone from turquoise to a deep angry blue.

The pool is still being finished off. The tiling is about to be done, hence why I’m up here for the week. The house is full of dust and dirt but do I care – no! Not with this view…

bronwen evans

It’s the perfect place to sit and write, and it’s only natural that my writing buddies love to come and join me. We don’t all write the in the same genre but that doesn’t matter. What matters is we encourage each other, help with plotting out story ideas, perhaps indicate where the plots weak, or the writings weak, and genuinely marvel at each other’s creativity.

It really is a special place.

That’s why I’ve suggested it as the prize for Bron’s Bold Belles. The Bold Belles are ladies (no gents yet) who love my books. They help me spread the word and raise my profile, a modern day PR team if you like. Those that have been active in the Bold Belles for at least six months before any book is released are in for my grand prize. If one of my books hits the top 50 NY Times list, I’ll draw two of my Bold Belle’s names out of the hat, and pay for their trip to stay with me at my beach house in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, from wherever they are in the world. Is that inspiring enough?

I know I’ve got to do my part too, so I’ll be sharing excerpts of future books with the Belle’s for feedback etc so we can help each other. One of the books you can help me with is my first Regency romance with Loveswept coming winter 2014, called A Kiss of Lies. I’ll post some excerpts with the Belles soon.

If you’d like to know more about Bron’s Bold Belle’s visit my website and learn how to join up. Remember you have to be an active member to be in the draw for such a fabulous prize!

Question for commenters: What is the one country that you’d love to travel to? Besides New Zealand that is :)

About the author:
Bronwen loves story-telling – gobbling up movies, reading books and attending the theatre. Her head is always filled with characters and stories, particularly lovers in angst.bronwen evans Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer. Find her on her Website | Twitter | Facebook| Signup to be a Bron Bold Belle

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