New eBook exclusives coming this month from Loveswept

New eBook exclusives coming this month from Loveswept

Here’s what’s coming this month from Loveswept, the Random House Romance e-only imprint.

A Case for Romance by Katie Rose ($3.99)

With a delightful wit and a delicious talent for the unexpected, Katie Rose tells a sensuous tale of the wicked, wild West and the proper Bostonian there to solve a murder—only to become embroiled in romance.

Morgan’s Woman by Judith French ($3.99)

Sparks fly as a spirited widow on the lam tries to outrun a mercenary on a mission in Judith E. French’s pulse-pounding romance set in the untamed West.

Slow Hands by Debra Dixon ($2.99)

Sparring has never been so sweetly seductive as in this delicious romance from Debra Dixon, who entangles a sassy workaholic with a formerly buttoned-down and bottled-up hero determined to show her how to seize the day.

Midnight Hour by Debra Dixon ($2.99)

In this uncanny tale of romance from bestselling author Debra Dixon, the new doctor in town falls for a late-night-TV temptress, who in turn is spooked by the promise of love.

Mountain Mystic by Debra Dixon ($2.99)

Bestselling author Debra Dixon ventures deep into the heart of the rural Appalachian Mountains for an unexpected romance that sizzles with friction and fire.

Hot As Sin by Debra Dixon ($2.99)

Bestselling author Debra Dixon takes readers on a tense and taut ride in this thrilling romance that’s both sensual and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful.

Playing with Fire by Debra Dixon ($2.99)

Beloved and bestselling author Debra Dixon takes romance readers down to the bayou, where there’s a hot blaze simmering—and an arsonist on the loose.

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