New Year’s Eve, 2012 + Giveaway!!

New Year’s Eve, 2012 + Giveaway!!

What is your favorite Holiday?

There are so many wonderful holidays that it was really hard to pick my favorite one, but the one that stands out the most to me has to be New Years Eve. Just the thought of the year ending and a brand new year beginning is just over the ‘top’ exciting. Just the thought of starting over, thinking of the things you want to do and accomplish in a brand New Year is very invigorating to me. You might think of vacations to plan, birthdays, new jobs — and even though the Holidays just ended you can begin to plan ahead for the ones that are yet to come in 2012.

New Year’s Eve is a time to spend with your friends and family. For me having great food, sharing fond memories, and watching the ball drop is time well spent, and the best way to ring in the New Year. Let’s not forget the fact that you get your first kiss of the New Year from someone special at midnight *winks*.

I had a really rough 2011, did you? So in 2012 I am looking forward to bigger and better things. I have some resolutions I need to make and actually try to keep this year. So, instead of choosing just one resoslution, I will pick a few. I figure that way the odds are that one of them I’ll stick with right? I want to try to read more historical romances, blog more, and travel more often to all the wonderful places the world has to offer.

One thing I’m extra excited about is all the great books that are scheduled to release. The list is very impressive with continuing series you love and new ones that are scheduled to release. I mean it’s a win – win with all the authors you have grown to love and new ones to look forward to. *rubs hands together* This is something I cannot wait for!!!!!

This year I have decided to try something very different. Of course the family and friends will be there with great food and lots of fun, but I think I want to begin my New Year with a brand new book. Maybe even by a new author I have yet to read. I want to be able to say “this is my first book of the New Year” and of course I want to start it at midnight after the ball has dropped.

What is the one book you can’t wait to read in 2012 and which book will you start the New Year off with? Remember, 5 randomly chosen commentesr win a randomly chosen FREE book every week! Good Luck & Happy New Year!!

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