Not Another Romance Blog . . + Giveaway!

Not Another Romance Blog . . + Giveaway!

Part I

Ok, this is a special day — we are going to chat, real time – from 12-1:00 p.m. (EST), & again, 4-5:00 p.m. (EST), are you game?

Come onto our site, & we are going to talk, one on one about stuff – it is your opportunity to ask me any question you want . . . the door is open . . . I will answer it in the best way that I can, & if I can’t, I’ll try to get you the answer. Sound like a plan????

To make this interesting, I’m going to give away 10 ebook cards you must be here during the specified chat times to win — it will be like, a ‘tag’ you’ve won– sound silly? Well, maybe so, but, you could WIN!


Why You Like The Romance Genre In 10 Words Or Less:

(theme is 10 today, in case you didn’t notice :))

#10 – The readers are friendly

#9 – The authors are savvy

#8 – It is an industry that supports one another

#7 – The genre contains all of my favorite categories, from historical to futuristic

#6 – The characters drive the story

#5 – The books make me feel good

#4 – The books are stories that I can read over & over again

#3 – Great heroines

#2 – Great heroes

#1 – HEA

So – there it is – my 10 reasons for liking the genre – what are yours?

Remember, every week 5 randomly chosen commenter’s will WIN a FREE book – good luck!!

It’s CONTESTPALOOZA time! Today’s prize is Signed books from Jo Bourne & Mary Balogh! Click here for details:

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