Of all of the romance plots I never loved . . . + Giveaway!

Of all of the romance plots I never loved . . . + Giveaway!

Category romances were famous for this theme . . . Amnesia . . . . hero or heroine suffers a head injury and cannot remember their partner, their past and so forth — you know the stories:

He said he was her husband, but Claire had no recollection of New Orleans titan Matt Gallagher— or the luxurious life he claimed they’ d shared. Though she couldn’ t deny the passion his virile presence aroused, she didn’ t dare give in to the rush of powerful emotions. Especially since she sensed her alleged husband wasn’ t telling her all…


When Claire turned up with no memory of their separation, Matt seized the opportunity to reclaim his wife— and protect her from her mysterious assailant. Matt could face any danger— except the danger of losing the love of his life… .

For some reason – I never bought this – I don’t love it in movies either. How many people do you know that have actually had amnesia? I know it is a condition, it happens to people so it is possible . . but really, far and few between . . do you hear of that many cases?

So – I ask you – is amnesia a plausible theme for you in your romance stories? Am I just being mean? :)

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