Winner Announced – Of Boats, Chocolate & Girlfriend Times: Susan Wiggs Interviews Sheila Roberts + Giveaway!

Winner Announced – Of Boats, Chocolate & Girlfriend Times: Susan Wiggs Interviews Sheila Roberts + Giveaway!
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When two writing buddies get together they can’t help but talk about their work. Join #1 New York Times  bestselling author Susan Wiggs as she interviews her long-time pal, another bestselling author from the Pacific Northwest, Sheila Roberts, about Sheila’s newest novel, THE COTTAGE ON JUNIPER RIDGE.

Susan: I remember when you first began writing your Life in Icicle Falls series. It all started with BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, a story about a small mountain town in our lovely state of Washington having some economic struggles and a woman trying to save the family’s chocolate factory. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that chocolate factored into the story.

Sheila: You know me—a died-in-the-candy-wrapper chocoholic (like you!)

Susan: It’s one of the many things we have in common.

: And I can remember you talking me through many a crisis over the years and feeding me chocolate! We’ve definitely had some fun adventures together. I think one of my favorites was when we used to brave the choppy seas of Puget Sound in your little boat to go to our critique group. You were such a fearless captain. The way you plowed through those waves I was always afraid that some of my vital body parts were going to bounce right off!

Susan: But you survived to write more books. So tell us a little about THE COTTAGE ON JUNIPER RIDGE. What was your inspiration?

Sheila: Well, we’ve been trying to downsize, and in that process I realized my husband and I have collected way too much stuff over the years. And that wasn’t my only problem. Not only was my house overloaded, so was my schedule. It’s easy to agree to do things in the distant future and think you’ll have plenty of time to fit them all in. But I swear, those commitments breed when you’re not looking. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Many of us are living lives that are over-extended and a little too cluttered for comfort. I hope THE COTTAGE ON JUNIPER RIDGE, which is about a group of girlfriends trying to simplify their lives, might be inspiring to readers. Of course, as the women in my book find out, life happens, but it doesn’t always happen simply, whether you’re trying to manage your love life or sort through your excess stuff.

Susan: This particular series isn’t your first. You’ve been writing for a long time. What was your defining moment, when you knew you were a writer?

Years ago, before I switched to fiction, I liked to write magazine articles. It was a thrill when I got a copy of the magazine with my first article in it. That was when I knew I could succeed as a writer, and it whetted my appetite for more.

If you hadn’t become a writer what would you have done when you grew up?

Become a party planner. I love to throw parties and play games. And bake. And eat what I bake. (And I have the hips to prove it!)

Speaking of baking, you like to include recipes in many of your books, don’t you?

Sheila: I do. Who doesn’t love recipes? And speaking of recipes and books, I know you do that also. The honey recipes in THE BEEKEEPER’S BALL, the second novel in your BELLA VISTA CHRONICLES series, are to die for. I’m just trying to figure out how you can sample all that stuff and stay so skinny! Oh, yeah. Never mind. Three dogs to walk! There’s no keeping up with you.

Susan: You had your chance.

Sheila: Yes, I remember. We used to dream about going on The Amazing Race. I was all for it until you started talking about hiring a trainer. One of us is a terrible wimp.

Susan: But an entertaining one. So what is it that makes you laugh, every single time?

Sheila: That would be more of a who, my husband. He’s a funny guy.

Susan: We all know that writing is hard work. Why do you do it?

Probably for the same reasons you do. It’s so much a part of who I am I can’t stop. I love coming up with new story ideas, creating new characters, writing funny scenes. It keeps me entertained and, for the most part, out of trouble.

Susan: But does it keep you out of the chocolate?

Nothing keeps me out of the chocolate.

Susan: So how much chocolate do you consume when you’re writing a book?

Sheila: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

Sheila and Susan want to know what you like to do with your best friend. Shop? Go to movies? Hit the coffee shops?

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About the Authors:
Shelia Roberts – Sheila RobertsWhen she’s not speaking to women’s groups or at conferences or hanging out with her girlfriends she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women’s hearts: family, friends, and chocolate. Visit her website here

Susan Wiggs – Susan Wiggs Susan enjoys many hobbies, including sitting in the hot tub while talking to her mother on the phone, kickboxing, cleaning the can opener, sculpting with butter and growing her hair. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her family. Visit her website hereSusan Wiggs

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