On Birth Order and Romance

On Birth Order and Romance
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Many people believe that birth order plays a lasting role in a person’s psychological development. While some scientists may disagree, traits common to first, second, third, and even fourth-born children have permeated popular culture.

Firstborns are thought of as reliable, conscientious, and structured achievers. Middle children struggle to carve out identities distinct from their siblings (“Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”) and are oftentimes rebellious, but can also be people-pleasers and peacemakers. Finally, lastborn children are believed to be outgoing, attention-seeking, artistic, and self-centered.

My Star Harbor series focuses on the Grayson brothers, Val, Cole, and twins Seb and Theo. When writing the books, I did my best to emphasize the roles played by each brother within the family. Long Simmering Spring, the third book in the series (released May 13), features Cole Grayson, who recently returned to Star Harbor to become the town sheriff. This means Cole is back with his brothers, and can again experience the joy (and occasional agony) that comes from being with his family. To show the variety of personalities that Cole must deal with, I thought I’d profile each Grayson brother.

Sebastian – Hero of Deep Autumn Heat

Occupation: Chef

Personality: Seb is somewhat smug, and frequently acts entitled.  This fits with his status as the chef/owner of the popular New York City restaurant, Helena. Charming and talented, Seb goes after what he wants without worrying what anyone else thinks. This attitude has contributed to his broad successes.

Defining Life Moment: Dropping out of college to pursue his culinary ambitions

Birth Order: Youngest (older twin)


Theo – Hero of Blaze of Winter

Occupation: Writer

Personality: Intelligent and introspective, Theo is quieter than his twin, Sebastian, and chose to pursue an education, majoring in history and eventually becoming a writer. He loves the outdoors, especially ice hockey and fishing. After a long day of writing, he can usually be found in the Rusty Nail, a local tavern.

Defining Life Moment: Moving back to Star Harbor from San Francisco to get his writing mojo back

Birth Order: Youngest (youngest twin)


Cole – Hero of Long Simmering Spring

Occupation: Sheriff of Star Harbor

Personality: Cole is a war veteran and former officer with the Boston PD, and is as rough and tough as they come. Yet this former bad boy has a softer side. Cole spends most of his free time figuring out how to further help his community and trying to keep his PTSD under control.

Defining Life Moment:  Leaving Star Harbor to join the Army right out of high school

Birth Order: Second born


Val –Hero of Slow Summer Burn

Occupation: DEA Agent

Personality: The oldest Grayson brother, Val helped his mom raise his brothers when their dad died young. Val owns an apartment in Boston but lives on a houseboat in Star Harbor. Val is extremely loyal and typically quiet, but when he’s with his brothers, he can be pretty lively.

Defining Life Moment: Stepping up to help his mom take care of his family after his dad died

Birth Order: Oldest



Do you think the brothers’ personalities fit their birth orders? Do you or your children fit into established birth order patterns? Shoot me an email or message me on Facebook to let me know, and one lucky winner will receive an ebook copy of Long Simmering Spring! Contest ends June 8.

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