Once and Again + Giveaway!

Once and Again + Giveaway!

Once and Again is a delightful sexy romantic contemporary that speaks to us of family and second chances. Lily Travis never thought she would come back to Petal, Georgia but here she is trying to get her fifteen year old brother back on track and help her mother after her dad deserts them both for a 20 something woman. Sexy and all grown up, she has it all together until she sees Nathan Murphy.

Nathan was the love of her life in collage until she saw him kissing her cousin. Seven years has passed since they broke up but Lily has never forgotten her first love. Nathan Murphy made a horrible mistake seven years ago when he let Lily walk away without a fight. Seeing her again has made Nathan realize that he never stopped loving her and he makes it his personal mission to get her back. When Nathan enlists the combined help of the Murphys and Chases to help win back Lily’s love and trust, Lily realizes that coming back home may have been the best decision she ever made.

I adore Lauren Dane. Her stories always fell me with joy and laughter as we watch the characters we have come to love find happiness and acceptance while dealing with everyday situations and problems. Erotically romantic without crossing the line into crass, Ms. Dane has a way of drawing you in and making you a part of her stories.Her sense of family is readily apparent as we watch these characters laugh, fight, love and protect each other.

Lily Travis is a delightful heroine who holds her own as she steps in to fill her mother’s shoes as a parent to her younger brother Chris. With plenty of love, laughter, and spirit, she grabs hold of Chris and refuses to let him continue down the path of destruction. With her mother spiraling into depression and an overbearing sister, Lily has a lot on her plate. She leads Nathan on a merry chase as Nathan is used to getting what he wants and now he wants Lily back. I enjoyed watching Nathan have
to work for what he wanted. Plenty of steamy love scenes keep you glued to the pages as Nathan takes wooing to a whole new level in his attempts to win Lily back. Though some heavy subject matters are touched upon; it’s the sense of family and forgiveness that draws you in.

With a first rate cast of supporting characters and an engaging storyline, Once And Again is the perfect romantic getaway for when you need a little me time in your life. What are some of your perfect getaway books to read? Thanks Tori –

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