ONE NIGHT PROMISED by Jodi Ellen Malpas

ONE NIGHT PROMISED by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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I’m not going to sugarcoat it. M, the hero of One Night: Desired, the newest novel from Jodi Ellen Malpas, the author of the bestselling This Man trilogy, is not likeable. There were so many times when I wanted to scream at Livy, the heroine, for continuing to return to him even when he acts like a complete jerk. But I think she kept going back to him for the same reason I enjoyed reading this – I was intrigued.

Olivia “Livy” Taylor is twenty-four and a waitress in a London bistro. She had a rough childhood and was raised by her grandmother, with whom she still lives. One day, a handsome customer in a business suit orders a coffee from her and leaves a note behind for Livy:

            “Probably the worst Americano that I’ve ever insulted my mouth with.


As disgusted as she is, Livy can’t forget the rude man who she only knows by the initial M, and as fate would have it, she runs into him again at a gala where she’s working as a server.

When they do speak again, he asks her to spend one night with him. He wants to give her pleasures that she’s never had before. Livy puts him off at first, but finally gives in, and M definitely doesn’t disappoint in the bedroom. But their one night is interrupted, and one night turns into much longer than she expected. She does manage to find out his age (twenty-nine) and his real name. As much as she tries to stay away from him, especially when his temper flares and she’s on the receiving end of it, she can’t. She is the moth to M’s flame, even when they have an exchange like this one after dinner with Livy’s grandmother:

            “You were extremely naughty during dinner, Livy.”

            My head swings to face him. Naughty? “You’re the   one who cornered me in the kitchen,” I remind him.

            “I was securing my evening’s prospects.”

            “I’m a prospect?”

            “No, you’re a foregone conclusion.”

What Livy doesn’t know is that M is keeping a secret from her, one that changes everything between them. When she confronts him about it at the end, I actually shouted “Yes!” because I felt like she was finally standing up to him. But I believe that deep down, M is a good person, which is why I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the series, One Night: Denied, when it’s released in November. The third book is scheduled for February 2015. While he isn’t the most likeable hero, I need to know where Malpas takes M and Livy next because, like Livy, I’m intrigued by M.

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