P versus E + Giveaway!!

P versus E + Giveaway!!
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P versus E
By Inga Kupp-Silberg

There have been lots of discussions about paper- versus eBooks and I am no different from the others. I do read both and there are several reasons behind it.

I am a book blogger who mostly reads and reviews books written in English, but I live far from English speaking markets – in Estonia. My geographical location determines and influences my choices almost every day.

Let me start with paper books. I am a total fan of book covers! It does not mean, that I am buying books only because I love their covers, but I do pick up books because the cover catches my eye and in case the blurb on the backside of the book is interesting – I am sold or should I say, that the book is sold!

Besides that, I like the smell and the feeling of a new book. Sometimes, I am trying to figure out what it is about the paper books that I love so much about and I think it is the feeling of holding it and turning the pages. It has something to do with my desire having filled bookshelves- it’s not so fancy to show people my Kindle and tell them that I have so and so many books on it. I enjoy my reading room with the bookshelves and hundreds of books on them.

To have signed paper books is also so much cooler than having them signed in e-versions of the books. You can call it being vain, but I truly treasure my signed paper-books; they are more personal somehow.
Truth be told – I have read more eBooks than paper books lately. The reason behind is exactly what makes eBooks so attractive to readers – eBooks are usually cheaper and easier to access – you just have to click couple of times and you have your book. This also is the point, where my geographical location plays a big role. I have seldom patience for waiting 5-10 days of delivery. If I find something that I really want to read, I want it now!

Besides that, the cost for shipping often makes the price of the paper book more expensive. When authors ask me to review their books, I do understand that they would prefer sending me eBook copy of their book. Shipping a paper book to Europe takes more time and costs more. Authors are always surprised when they find out my location and after hearing about it, they offer an eBook.

I used Kindle for PC when I started reading eBooks, using my laptop, but it was very uncomfortable when I wanted to read in my bed and too heavy to carry when I went for shopping and wanted to read while having coffee in the café. That is also the reason behind I made myself a little Christmas present and now I read my eBooks using my new Kindle Fire.

To sum it up, when I am in the book store, I buy paper books, when I give presents, I give paper books. Otherwise I am reading eBooks.

What about you? When and why do you prefer eBooks and when and why you prefer print? Remember, 5 commenters are chosen every week to win a FREE book – winners announced on Sunday!

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