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Below the Belt_Halston

Friday e-Deal Alert!

It’s Feed Your e-reader Friday: heading into the weekend, we bring you the best low-priced e-deals to feed your reader without breaking your budget.

Kick-Butt Heroines: My Top Female Spies

"my top five picks for wickedly awesome femme fatales: those badass spy gals that make us all want to learn how to pull off a kill shot or distract a mark with nothing more than our blatant sex appeal. *wink*"

TAKING THE HEAT by Victoria Dahl

"This book is more about the characters’ inner journeys than about their sexual relationship. I know! Sex is great and all, but it doesn’t solve all of their problems."

CAGED (Mastered #4) by Lorelei James

"James is by far one of my favorite romance authors, she never disappoints. I love how she always manages to keep her stories fresh and her characters dynamic. Even though CAGED is part of a series, you can easily pick this book up first and then go back to read the first books without feeling they were spoiled — a rarity for sure."
Beach Volleyball 3

Summer Lovin’ #HunkDay: Beach Volleyball

Sun's out, buns out! With July in full swing, we're taking #HunkDay to the next level with a month filled with summery hotties. This week, we're bringing you the sweaty, sandy joy of boys playing beach volleyball. (Best enjoyed to the sounds of "Playing With the Boys" by Kenny Loggins.)

ON THE SHELF: Highlanders

"What is a Highlander? Technically speaking, a Highlander is a native of the Highlands of Scotland. It says right in my bio to never forget the Highlanders, and it’s a mantra I try to live by. The problem I ran into while pulling this post together is, there are so many Highlanders on my shelf that my shelves have shelves! Consider this an intro to Highlanders, old-school style."

My Top Five Modern Princes

While I’ve always loved reading romance novels with characters from royalty and I admit to devouring all movies and TV shows with royal romances, I’ve never written one. But, this year I got make up my own sexy prince and his imaginary kingdom. Researching royalty was no hardship and I discovered that there are quite a few princes who promise us modern-day fairy tales in real-life. Here’s my list of the top five:

Review: TURN UP THE HEAT by Serena Bell

"I went into TURN UP THE HEAT with nary a clue of its plot, only a hope that it had something to do with cooking -- I love a good story in the kitchen! I finished TURN UP THE HEAT with nothing but happy thoughts."

TROPE TALK: Billionaire Playboys

It’s the trope that’s trended the most in recent years, the enigmatic young upstarts who are ruling the world in their offices in the sky by day and keeping women well-satisfied by night. They’re rich and privileged and it shows in their lifestyle and attitudes. These are the billionaire playboys of romance, and they’ve made a big splash.

POLDARK: Episode 4

"This episode should have been titled ‘The Education of Demelza Poldark.’ She spends most of the episode wondering why Ross married her and how she’s going to cope in her new position as mistress of Namparra."

R@R Picks: New Releases Week of July 14

With summer in full swing we have a bunch of great new releases from Elisabeth Barrett, Tracy Wolff, Angie Sandro, Serena Bell, Callie Hutton, Christi Barth, Lorelei James, and an erotic anthology from Rachel Kramer Bussel.
Once Upon a Cowboy_McGinnis

Friday e-Deal Alert!

It’s Feed Your e-reader Friday: heading into the weekend, we bring you the best low-priced e-deals to feed your reader without breaking your budget. Enjoy!

ICYM: Best of June

Hey, its Sara @HarlequinJunkie, stopping by to share with you some of our favorite reads from last month.

TOXIC by Kim Karr

"The marriages, the scandals, the lies, eating disorders, addictions, and exclusive clubs – I could read a whole series about the people we meet in TOXIC and never get bored..."

NEVER LOVED by Charlotte Stein

"I highly recommend picking it up if your usual romances are feeling a bit stale. I can promise you Stein’s writing is like nothing else out there."

My Perfect Hero

"As a romance writer I have the opportunity to create any kind of hero I want. He can be any shape, size, hair color, eye color. Any name. Any profession. Anything I want. And I have written a variety of heroes—covert ops, firefighters, military. You name it. But there is one thing you can be sure of—he lives in or comes from Texas."

Review: HELL OR HIGH WATER by Julie Ann Walker

"HELL OR HIGH WATER is the first full-length installment in Julie Ann Walker’s adult contemporary Deep Six military, action/suspense romance series focusing on a group of former Navy SEALs who currently own and operate a civilian marine salvage business."

SWEET THE SIN by Claire Kent

"If you are looking for different, look no further than Claire Kent’s SWEET THE SIN. Holy cow. What an amazing amount of story is piled into under 200 pages. This book made me feel interesting and, I’ll admit, slightly uncomfortable things..."