Plan The Perfect Family Valentine’s Day

Plan The Perfect Family Valentine’s Day

Everyone focuses on planning romantic or sexy dates for Valentine’s Day, but what about showing some family love on V-Day? I’ve got a few tips for having a great day with your kiddos and creating some traditions that will make you seem quite the crafty mom (take that, Pinterest geniuses!) and are easy enough to throw together with stuff you’ve already got at home.

1. Red Dinner

This has been a tradition in my family’s house for years. Valentine’s Dinner was all red. And every year my mom tried to make it new, which meant getting creative with beets and tomatoes. I think she even tried to make us raisin-kidney bean stew one year. YUCK.

Fresh Prince Yuck

Despite that year, we loved the Red Dinner. Some things I would suggest: Strawberry milk, Red Velvet cupcakes, spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed red peppers, beet salad (if you’ve got adventurous eaters), and anything else you can think of!


2. Homemade Decorations

You might want to get working on this one ahead of time. Out of old book pages (ah, the glory and the horror of cutting up books!) comes this super cute V-Day banner. It’s super easy and your kids can easily help draw shapes or glue things together.

We found this idea and instructions at

3. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Valentine’s Day just isn’t the same without the candy. This is especially true if you are between the ages of four and fourteen. (But honestly, candy is still pretty important to me and I’m well over fourteen years old). This year I found out that CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMY BEARS exist. Mind blown.

Taylor Swift shocked

So I’m recommending those. They cover all the bases.

What do you think? Will you use any of these tips? Sound off in the comments if you’ve got a family Valentine’s tradition you love.


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