Patriots or Giants – VOTE here + Guest Post – Plans for reading + giveaway!

Patriots or Giants – VOTE here + Guest Post – Plans for reading + giveaway!

Plans for reading
By Inga Kupp-Silberg

As usual for the beginning of a new year, many people make plans for the coming year. So have I. I have a plan for 2012 – read as many books as possible during 2012. Sounds easy, right?!!

To be more specific, my exact aim for 2012 is to read 101 books which would be 26 more books compared to last year. Besides just a numerical target I have set for me, I promised to myself that out of these 101 books I will read at least 25 books what I had on my to-be-read-list from last year.

I am an emotional and impulsive customer in the book store and it does not matter if it’s a real book store or e-store. You see, the challenge is, that there are so many good books I want to read and there are also new books being published and therefore I am constantly challenged – which ones to read.
At the moment I have approximately 50 books which were published last year and which I haven’t read yet and which I wanted to read last year and I just created a list of books which are must read for me and which are published in 2012.

To balance my reading lists a little bit, I decided to use some time to read the books which were published last year or earlier. I know that it is not possible to all the book in the world and that is not the aim either, that would be too ambitious and right out impossible!

So my plan is to read AND review 101 books in 2012, out of which minimum 25 are published in 2011 or earlier which already are on my to be read list and the rest will probably be new books. I am too curious by nature for not to search after newly published books and I love reading new authors, too! To make it even more complex, I have decided that approximately half of the books published in 2012 on my list should be debut authors and the second half would include some series which I have started in previous years and which will have sequels coming out in 2012 plus some single books from authors who are already published authors and whose novels I love.

Hopefully my plans did not confuse you too much!

What are your reading plans for 2012? Do you make any plans at all? Are you challenging your reading habits somehow and if yes, then how? and don’t forget to include your pick for the Super Bowl – include in your comments below! Remember, 5 winners are chosen for a free book every week — winners announced on Sunday! Good luck!

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