New eBook Release this month from Loveswept – Classic romances by Debra Dixon

New eBook Release this month from Loveswept – Classic romances by Debra Dixon

Hot guys in the hometown tonight! Debra’s stories contain the sexiest heroes, don’t miss these favorite classic Loveswept books now available in ‘e’ – enjoy!

Beloved and bestselling author Debra Dixon takes romance readers down to the bayou, where there’s a hot blaze simmering—and an arsonist on the loose.

For a woman who’s not looking for trouble, Maggie St. John sure is finding a lot of it these days—especially after she discovers a fire in a utility closet at the hospital where she works as a nurse. Now there’s an arson investigation, and she’s at the center of it. Maggie can’t tell which is worse: the sudden flashbacks to a terrible memory buried deep in her subconscious or the incredible tension that is building with the infuriatingly cocky and undeniably attractive arson investigator.

Beau Grayson thinks the hospital fire investigation will be an open-and-shut case. But that’s before he set eyes on the prime suspect. Maggie St. John is hiding something behind that sultry smile, and he needs to uncover her secret before he gives in to the body that could ignite a four-alarm inferno. Just how much heat can Beau take without getting burned?


Bestselling author Debra Dixon ventures deep into the heart of the rural Appalachian Mountains for an unexpected romance that sizzles with friction and fire.

Joshua Logan has come back to the lush, green mountains of East Tennessee to get away from the world. After years in the spotlight as a renowned archaeologist and author, Joshua wants nothing more than to reconnect with the hills where he grew up—where the psychic abilities that made him famous can’t continue to torture him. The last thing he needs now is a gorgeous woman looking for a guide through the mountains—or the tantalizing lure of a mind whose emotions he cannot read.

Victoria Bennett is determined to help the women of Appalachia, far away from her old, privileged life in Connecticut. With a degree in midwifery and a divorce under her belt, Victoria is not looking for any entanglements; she simply wants to do some good. But the tension between her and Joshua is instant. He is everything she’s never had—ruggedly handsome, strong, physical . . . and flirty as all get-out. Can she risk reliving her past mistakes for even one night with a man who flusters her mind and sets her heart ablaze?


Loveswept RomanceSLOW HANDS
Sparring has never been so sweetly seductive as in this delicious romance from Debra Dixon, who entangles a sassy workaholic with a formerly buttoned-down and bottled-up hero determined to show her how to seize the day.

Sam Tucker isn’t the kind of man to wait for an invitation, not when his mission is to help business executive Clare McGuire learn the joys of losing control. He’s a man who truly appreciates living in the moment. Can he tempt his beautiful apprentice into doing the same?

Convinced Sam only wants to change her, Clare insists she likes her life just as it is. Until, that is, the free-spirited, hold-your-breath-handsome professor kisses her with a fiery need that echoes her own. Loving Sam means having fun, living life to the fullest, and putting old sorrows to rest—if she dares to take a chance.


romance bookHOT AS SIN
Bestselling author Debra Dixon takes readers on a tense and taut ride in this thrilling romance that’s both sensual and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful.

With his last breath, the man who took a bullet to protect her sent Emily Quinn on the run. Armed with only a name and an address, Emily makes her way to a small town in Washington State, where an ex–Navy SEAL just might be able to help her disappear—forever. As the bad guys and the Feds close in, Emily will have to put all her faith in this stranger, a man who makes her pulse race faster than any man ever has. She knows she’ll be damned if she trusts him—and dead if she doesn’t.

When Christian “Gabe” Gabriel first sets eyes on Emily, she’s dressed as a nun. But he can see right through that habit to the frightened, beautiful woman underneath. His time in the military has honed his reflexes and dampened his emotions—or so he thinks. Because Emily has tapped something deep inside Gabe—and it’s a temptation that may cost them both their lives. But what a sweet, sinful indulgence it will be.

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