Playlist and Giveaway: SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMP

Playlist and Giveaway: SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMP
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When I’m not writing romance (or working the EDJ, loving my hubby and kiddos) I sing in a band.  You never know what wedding or bar mitzvah you might attend and hear me belting out covers of popular songs. So, it will come as no surprise that I use music in the creation of my story.  I have a playlist for every story before I put one word on the paper and when I hit “play”, I am immediately drawn into that world.

I’m really not sure if I could write without one and I’m too chicken to try it out.

So, I thought I would share my Top Five favorite songs from the playlist for SEX & THE SINGLE VAMP:

  1.  Gravity by Sara Bareilles: This song gets me from the first piano chords, the melancholy strains of melody underscores the theme of “we just can’t let each other go” that moves throughout the entire story of Deacon and Cici. I think one line sums it up for me, “You’re neither friend nor but I just can’t seem to let you go.”  And as a singer, Sara’s voice is flawless.
  2. Funny Little Feeling by Rock n’ Roll Soldiers:  Deacon, my hero, owns a nightclub called Sanctuary and when I hear this song it takes me right there. Somewhere between a bar and a sex club, this place is edgy but glamorous and dark in a sophisticated way—it is also invitation only.
  3. Playing God by Paramore: I listened to lots of Paramore when I wrote this book but this song really stuck in my head. Deacon and Cici have 240 years of past history and most of it is based upon lies and secrets—the perfect way to start a romance, right? But what made this song fit for me was the struggle in the lyric for a person to be allowed to grow beyond the established past and how that can be scary for everyone.  Great song.
  4. Our Big Mistake by Marc Broussard:  I love this song and I go to it often when I have a couple who have screwed up but just can’t seem to shake each other out of their minds. I play it so often in my iPod that both my kids know it by heart— hey, it’s better than the Bieber!
  5. Bad Habit by Sarah Darling:  Who doesn’t want to be the first thing on someone’s mind, the thing they crave more than air? Can you imagine having a craving for someone for 240 years?  When I wanted to get into how badly they needed each other, I’d turn on this track and I was there.

So, that’s my top five from the SEX & THE SINGLE VAMP playlist. I hope you found a new favorite.

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Cici Trent, vampire and media darling, spends her days finding true love for humans and supernaturals (the “Others”) at her dating agency. But someone is trying to sabotage her business and she needs help. Unfortunately, the best man for the job is the one who broke her still beating heart two hundred fifty-four years ago.

Deacon is a patient vampire. He’s only loved one woman in over three hundred years— Cici— and she chose another. So when she shows up in his office asking for help, he finally has the chance to lay that demon to rest. He’ll help her, but for a price—a night in his bed.

Adrenaline, mischief, and a little late-night B&E light the passion that even a couple of lifetimes couldn’t put out. But Deacon has a secret and when Cici is suddenly mortal, his deception might be the only way restore her immortality. Can love bridge the gap between a heartbeat and forever?

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