Q&A with Romance Author, Julie James – About That Night, on sale today!

Q&A with Romance Author, Julie James – About That Night, on sale today!
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ABOUT THAT NIGHT, by Julie James, a fun contemporary romance!Romance author review

Setting: Chicago
Subgenre: Contemporary romance
Hero: Billionaire heir/ex-con Kyle Rhodes
Heroine: Assistant U.S. Attorney Rylann Pierce

Summary: About That Night is a fun, sexy contemporary romance that hits bookstores on April 3rd. The book is a twist on a reunited lovers theme—or maybe it’s better to say the theme is one of missed opportunity and second chances. Kyle and the heroine, Rylann, first meet when they’re in grad school. They share a walk home, and an unforgettable kiss, and make plans to see each other the following night. But Fate intervenes, and when Kyle has to leave school unexpectedly, he and Rylann don’t see each other for almost a decade.
Nine years later, the two are reunited; only now Kyle is a convicted felon and Rylann is an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Rylann needs Kyle’s help in a high-profile homicide case, and as much as Kyle wants nothing to do with the very prosecutors who’d thrown him in prison, he finds that Rylann may be the one person he can’t say no to. It’s a story about two people, an ex-con and a prosecutor, who really don’t make much sense as a couple, but find themselves drawn to each other no matter how hard they try to fight it.

What is your one most memorable scene: Hmm… tough question. There’s a scene in a diner I really like, when the hero and heroine have reconnected after losing touch for nine years. She’s interviewing him about his prison experience and trying to be very professional since he’s a witness in her case and he keeps trying to flirt with her, or maybe just annoy her, by bringing up the night they’d kissed. I like that scene because it shows that, despite the fact that nine years have gone by, there are still major sparks between these two.

Name one key identifying trait of your heroine: Loves her skirt suits.
Name one key identifying trait of your hero: Loves the way the heroine looks in said skirt suits. Also caused worldwide panic and mayhem when he shut down Twitter while half-drunk on Scotch.

What you think readers will like best about this book: I think it’s probably my most “romantic” book. I think people will like the fact that, despite all the back-and-forth bantering between them, the hero and heroine have both hung on to the memory of the one kiss they shared nine years ago. And that neither of them, despite having led full lives, have instantly connected that way with anyone else.

Which part of the story was the most difficult for you to write: A scene toward the end of the book, when we learn about the hero’s reasons for dropping out of grad school. That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten teary-eyed when writing.

The person that readers want you to write about but you haven’t yet: Special Agent Sam Wilkins, Jack’s partner from Something About You. I don’t know that he’ll ever get his own book, but I think readers will be pleased to see what’s happening with him in About That Night. : )

What’s next: My next book will also be part of the FBI/U.S. Attorney series. I haven’t revealed too many specifics yet, except to say that the hero is someone who’s in About That Night.

And now a fun question that relates to About That Night:
What do you think is the best (fictional) kiss? It can be from a book, movie or TV show.

One randomly selected person who leaves a comment below will receive a copy of About That Night (print or eBook—winner’s choice). Winners will be chosen & announced in this post and winners will be emailed by the end of the day – good luck!

WINNER – Aline Tobing – Congrats! Thanks all for blogging – Julie

Happy reading, everyone!romance author

About Julie:
After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law, Julie James clerked for the United States Court of Appeals in Jacksonville, Florida. She then practiced law with one of the nation’s largest law firms for several years until she began writing screenplays. After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full-time. She’s now the bestselling author of five books that have been translated into thirteen languages.
Julie lives with her husband and two children in Chicago and is currently working on her next book. More information, including an excerpt of About That Night, can be found at:

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