QUIZ – answer all of these questions to win – Good Luck!

QUIZ – answer all of these questions to win – Good Luck!

Hi everyone — been a long time since we’ve done a Quiz — I was not a great test-taker in school, were you? There were some kids in my class that really knew how to take a test – I over-analyzed the questions — urgh, then would usually answer wrong! Oh well, such is life.

Hopefully you all will do better than I me! Ok, here we go — answer these 5 questions correctly & you’ll win all THREE of Stefanie Sloane’s Regency Rogue series — sound like a plan? Here we go — Three lucky randomly chosen winners will win all Three of Stefanie’s books – winners announced on Sunday!

  • #1
  • Which is the first book in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series?

  • #2
  • What is the name of the hero in Suzanne Brockmann’s recent E-short release?

  • #3
  • Which two authors, first names begin with an ‘M’ & they write Scottish historical romances?

  • #4
  • Her next Hardcover release is in May, 2012, is called THE PROPOSAL, who is this author?

  • #5
  • This author serves as a captain in the Army and wrote her first romance book and published it last year. What is her name & the name of her book?

    Thanks ladies for taking our quiz — check back to see if you’ve won! Happy Romance!!

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