Random Thoughts: Stefanie Sloane Interviews Kate Noble

Random Thoughts: Stefanie Sloane Interviews Kate Noble
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Romance author Stefanie Sloane sat down with Kate Noble, author of several historical romance novels including her latest: If I Fall, for a fun, no-holds-barred interview.

The delightful Kate Noble burst onto the historical romance scene with her debut, Compromised, in 2008, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Her latest delicious tale, If I Fall, is out this week and I know you’re all going to love it! I caught up with Kate recently and asked her a series of unrelated and silly questions. Luckily, the lovely Ms. Noble obliged.

Stefanie: Dinner with four famous people, living or dead, at the restaurant of your choice. Which restaurant would you choose, who would you invite, and why?

Kate: Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McLanahan, and Estelle Getty. Because who doesn’t want to hang out with the Golden Girls?
And my favorite restaurant is Mozza in New York City, because it is the home of the most delicious creation on the face of the earth: Olive Oil Gelato. So any chance I have to eat there, I’m taking it. And I’m willing to force my new famous friends to experience it with me.

Oh, olive oil gelato – thank YOU for being a friend.

Who is your latest author crush, romance or non-romance, and what about this person’s writing makes you swoon?

I recently read 1776 by David McCullough. I am generally not a big enthusiast of reading page after page of troop movements, but McCullough’s voice and impeccable research made these dry historical figures of Washington and the Continental Congress become incredibly alive and flawed and real. And that’s a feat, literary or otherwise.
And my favorite romance author of late is Madeline Hunter. I just gobbled up her The Rarest Blooms series—four books–in the space of one weekend. She’s an incredible world builder.

When it comes to research and the setting of your books, do you weave your story from history (facts that intrigue or inspire you) or think of a story and then insert it into history?

Actually it’s a little of both. I know my characters first, and they in turn are very much informed by when in history they hail from. So as historical context informs their characters, it will also be used to build the obstacles they have to overcome to get to happiness.

What is your favorite thing about being a published author?

I love having the opportunity to get the crazy voices out of my head, down on paper, and someone actually pays me for it! And the romance community is so incredibly welcoming and supportive of each other, I’m just grateful that I get to be a part of it, and interact with other writers and readers on a daily basis.

What is your favorite line from IF I FALL and why?

“To give in to gravity’s pull.” It’s a phrase that gets repeated a few times as the characters go up and down emotionally–and sometimes they don’t give into gravity’s pull… but oh, do I love it when they do.

Which do you prefer reading, paper books or e-books and why?

I love reading no matter what the format. While I find my e-reader convenient in certain situations–planes, trains and on the treadmill–I do have a soft spot in my heart for the smell and feel of traditional paperbacks. Kicking back at the beach just isn’t the same without one!

If you could have written one book in history, what would that book be and why?

Harry Potter. Damn, I wish I had thought of that.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing your books?

Writing historical romance is the absolute best for learning random things through research. I think my favorite thing I learned was from my sister, a medical doctor, about ‘laudable pus’. Let’s just say medical knowledge had a looooooong way to go back in the day.
Hope I didn’t gross you out too much there.

What’s coming up from Kate Noble?

My latest novel, If I Fall, is out this week! It’s the story of Sarah Forrester, whose engagement with a duke was ended abruptly last season. To protect her vulnerable heart–and to survive the poisonous tongues of the social scene–she reinvents herself as the Golden Lady. But only one person can see beneath the brittle façade–her childhood friend Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher. And he’ll do anything–and I do mean anything, even dressing up as her childhood hero, the mysterious spy the Blue Raven–to bring her out from behind the mask and back to the sweet and loving girl he once knew.
Also, I have a special bonus e-novella out too! The Dress of the Season – It’s the story of Harris Dane, Viscount Osterley, who orders a very fine and scandalously cut dress to be made for a certain lady he wishes to woo. While with the dress designer, he also orders a pair of gloves to be sent to his ward, Miss Felicity Grove, to wish her well for the new Season. But when Felicity accidentally receives the dress, along with Osterley’s affectionate note, it sets into motion a tale of scandalous misunderstandings and love in the last place you look.
And while If I Fall and The Dress of the Season connected through familiar characters, you don’t have to read one to enjoy the other. But I of course hope that you’ll enjoy both!

Kate Noble is the author of Compromised, which became a national bestseller in 2008. She has since written Revealed (which was a 2010 RITA Finalist), the critically acclaimed The Summer of You (named a Kirkus Reviews Best Romance of 2010), and Follow My Lead, (which earned stars from both Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal). The upcoming If I Fall is the next in her well-loved Blue Raven series.

Kate lived in New York City for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles, and would be unable to declare which city is her favorite – weather vs. culture remains the eternal debate.

Visit Kate’s website to learn more.

Stefanie Sloane credits her parents’ eclectic reading habits—not to mention their decision to live in the middle of nowhere—for her love of books. A childhood spent lost in the pages of countless novels led Sloane to college, where she majored in English. No one was more surprised than Sloane when she actually put her degree to use and landed a job in Amazon.com’s editorial department. She spent more than five years reading for a living before retiring to concentrate on her own stories. Stefanie Sloane lives with her family in Seattle.

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