Readers love Shana Abe’s THE SWEETEST DARK

Readers love Shana Abe’s THE SWEETEST DARK

The Sweetest Dark, by Shana Abe tells the story of Eleanor “Lora” Jones, a young girl who hears songs no one else can hear and has vivid dreams of smoke and flight. A romantic story with beautifully complicated characters, The Sweetest Dark is making a big splash even though it isn’t officially out until spring. With four and five star reviews already popping up all over, it’s an upcoming title you won’t want to miss.

Read a few of our favorite reader reviews below.

From the very first page, I was hooked.
-Amanda, Library Thing (4 Stars)

Shana Abe is something of a genius for creating a story so lush, so beautiful, and so different from your classic paranormal book!
-Mimi, Goodreads (4 Stars)

If there is a sequel I will be first in line to buy it- I was sorry when it was over.
-“Book Junkie”, Amazon Vine Review (5 Stars)

With every fiber of my being, I love The Sweetest Dark. It was beautiful, magical, dark, and absolutely sweet!
-Hilda, Goodreads (4 Stars)

I really cannot tell you how much I adored this story and hope to see more like this from such a talented author.
-Terra, Goodreads (5 Stars)

Abe has a particular knack for engaging all the senses. Many romance writers rely heavily on visual descriptions. But Abe takes it so much further by giving equal attention to smell, sound, taste, and touch.
-Meegan, Amazon Vine Review (4.5 Stars)

Absolutely Stunning!
-Alis, Goodreads (5 Stars)

There is plenty of atmosphere, romance, and magic between these covers. I recommend it very highly.
-Pam, Amazon Vine Review (4 Stars)

Sometimes there are those books that hit you so hard, so powerfully, that you know that there are no words to describe it, there’s no way to get your point across how amazing the book is. The Sweetest Dark was like that for me.
-Candace, Library Thing (5 Stars)

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