Reading Resolutions by Heather Daniels-Lire + Giveaway!

Reading Resolutions by Heather Daniels-Lire + Giveaway!
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Reading Resolutions by Heather Daniels-Lire

I’m a resolution and goal person. It drives everyone around me insane but I can’t help it. With that in mind I started thinking about what my goals would be for 2012. I made the requisite lose weight goal, the professional goal, and the be a better mom goal. Then I was stuck. I really wanted a goal for reading, but what could I do.

This got me thinking about my reading habits and how I read and what I read. As I went down memory lane I remembered the book mobile lady who introduced me to reading. She would stalk the book mobile with the Boxcar Children, The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins.

When I was fourteen I progressed to the HQN category books and will never forget the first one I read I don’t remember the title or the author but this was the plot. The heroine sees an ad asking for a nanny for a little girl and the person looking for a nanny is the heroine’s husband who she hasn’t seen in years. Not since she walked out of the hospital after being told by her mother in law that the baby had died and he never wanted to see her again. Consumed with the need to know if this is her dead baby she goes undercover as the nanny and discovers that it is her child and while she desperately wants to hate her husband she still loves him. The hero of course recognizes her immediately as his missing wife (though you don’t discover this till later). As they get to know each other again and discover what really happened the day their daughter was born they both realize how much they love each other.

The pursuit of happily ever after hooked me. I wanted my own hero. Looking around me I didn’t see any so I went looking in books. The first hero I found was Chase from Johanna Lindsey’s Brave the Wild Winds, then it was Catherine Hart’s Sheriff Travis in Sweet Fury, then I discovered those Highlanders thanks to Julie Garwood, Alec Kincaid and Ian Maitland oh my.

That was 1988-1990 and I haven’t looked back. I’ve expanded from those rough Wild West heroes to black ops (Tara Janzen, Cindy Gerard and Stephanie Tyler are at the top of my list), to contemporary heroes (Carly Phillips, Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, and Julie James lead the pack there) and paranormal (Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, & Christine Warren top that list).

As a reviewer I love that I get to read all my favorite authors, however over the last year I found myself only reading those authors who I loved and not branching out. With that in mind I decided that my reading goal for 2012 was this…I have to read 2 new to me authors a month and at least 1 book in Spanish, in French and Italian. Easy right? I think so.

What is your 2012 reading Goal? Remember, 5 winners every week are randomly chosen to win FREE books — winners are announced on Sunday – good luck!

Bio: Heather Daniels has been reviewing books since 2007. After constantly being asked when she was going to start writing the many stories in her head she started writing her first book. She has since finished writing two stories and is working on a third. Her husband keeps asking her when she’s going to submit one, her reply as soon as I think it’s ready. When not reading and writing she can be found in the southwest training for a mini triathlon with her husband and sons. She is a contributing writer to the online women’s magazine Curvalicious Living. Check out the review site she runs with her sil and follow her on twitter: @heatherlire and @bookreadinggals

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