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There are many reasons people read romance. I read romance because it entertains me and makes me happy, plain and simple. Even when a romance novel makes me cry, I can always count on that happily-ever-after ending to lift me up and make me smile. But there are times when life throws a curve ball and a case of the blues seems inevitable. At times like these, I tend to read more romance, and I turn to specific sub-genres to “take me away”. Not just any romance novel will do though.

While all romance novels involve a certain amount of fantasy, I find that I tend to read less contemporary and historical romance when I’m feeling down and instead I turn to paranormal romance and some romantic urban fantasy. Contemporary and historical romance are favorite genres for me but when I really want to the put the world on hold for a while, I prefer to temporarily escape into alternate worlds with sexy vampires, growly werewolves and other mythical creatures. There is just something about that extra boost of fantasy that allows me to set aside the blues for a while and get lost in a story.

I wondered if other romance readers read more or less romance when they are feeling down and if there are particular sub-genres they gravitate toward or avoid during down times. So of course I headed straight to Twitter because that is where you go when you need to know something right?
Most people that answered my informal poll said they read more romance when they are feeling down:
@Mandium: I read more romance when I’m feeling down they always.make me smile when times are tough
@cadele7: More – it’s a great escape from your troubles…even if the heroine does appear to have stolen my life/boyfriend…cow

Reactions were mixed when I asked what romance sub-genres people preferred to read when they needed a little pick-me-up:

(@Tale_of_Reviews) Contemp because it usually has emotional outlet for characters that I experience & a happy ending. If I cry it de-stresses me

@Calila1988 My favorite genre to read when I’m blue is “Julia Quinn” (what? she should totally have her own genre!) She writes a lot of cheerful historicals that just leave me smiling when i’ve finished.

Since I’m a romance reader and my blog is dedicated to the romance genre, most of the people I tweet with tend to be romance readers, writers or involved in the industry in some capacity. But I was still a little surprised when no one who answered my twitter poll said they totally dropped romance in favor of other non-romance genres when they experience the blues. It seems that the romance readers in my twitter stream are loyal to their genre and stick with it in good times and bad.

What about you? Do you read more or less when life throws a curve ball? Do you read specific romance sub-genres or do you abandon romance all together when you’re feeling down?

5 randomly chosen commenters will win a free book – winners announced on Sunday!!

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