Real Housewives of New York, Episode Five Recap

Real Housewives of New York, Episode Five Recap
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We have some loose ends to tie up from last week before we move on to this week’s drama. And it gets REAL.

The rancor from last week continues as we pick up at LuAnn’s barbecue. The “housewives” go around and around in circles over bookgate. Heather tells Amanda she has been “so insulting” to everyone (as if they all don’t tear each other apart on a regular basis.) The group is completely polarized between Carole and Aviva. Aviva’s husband defends her, while the other men stand around impotently. Heather starts talking “street,” which apparently she picked up hanging out with P Diddy. All the women (aside from Aviva) pretend they don’t even know who Amanda is, even though she has been in every episode this season. Heather says, “Someone needs to take out the trash.” Sonja pipes in, “I just peed my panties…and I don’t have any on!”

The next day, Sonja has a brunch at her borrowed house. Amanda is not there, and Sonja asks Harry why he is hanging out with her. She tells the camera she needs to up her game to keep his attention. Kristen shows up with her children. She feels “very uneasy (giggle)” about what happened last night at LuAnn’s.

Sonja talks to Aviva about her book, and Aviva says, “It’s a very raw story about my life. It took a lot of courage for me to put that out there.” Later in this episode, we see why. Meanwhile, Sonja’s fake lower front tooth falls out and she goes running around looking for Polident.

Back in the city, Carole, Kristen, and Heather are at the costume store Abracadabra. They are preparing for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Carole is the queen of the parade, and Judah Friedlander is the king. She says it’s one of the top three honors for her: “Better than Emmy. Better than Princess. More fans!”

Aviva and her husband are at a children’s craft and pottery shop on the Upper East Side with their daughter. She tells him that she’s gotten an email from her childhood friend, Becky Morgan, whom she hasn’t seen in thirty-five years. Aviva had been at a sleepover at Becky’s farm when she lost her leg in a horrific conveyer belt accident. She hasn’t seen her since that day. It’s clear the woman is still carrying a lot of guilt over that. Aviva decides she will go visit her at the farm, where she still loves. Reid says he will go with her.

Meanwhile, Sonja is tearing through her closet looking for something to wear to the Mermaid Parade. Kristen and Carole are getting their make-up done. At the parade, Kristen looks more like drag queen than the actual men in drag.

Aviva arrives upstate at the farm. Becky walks out to greet her. “Is that you?” says Aviva. They hug. Inside the house, they sit at the kitchen table and talk about the events of that fateful day. Becky is clearly very emotional and stressed. “Did you see blood or anything?” Aviva asks. Becky shakes her head and closes her eyes. “I don’t know.” Aviva says, “I sense this burden that you carry.” Becky says, “You were six. I was seven. But at seven, you definitely feel a sense of responsibility. You feel a sense of, why on earth…” She starts to cry. “To be honest with you, you saved my life,” says Aviva. “I was lying there, and I was bleeding to death, and you turned off the machine.” She starts crying. Becky smiles. She seems relieved, as if Aviva has absolved her of her guilt. They hold hands across the table.

Later, they go to the barn with Reid and look at the conveyer belt. Aviva explains to her husband exactly how it happened.  It seems like closure for both Aviva and Becky.

In case this little detour is too serious and heartfelt for viewers, next week’s previews promise more juicy bickering.

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