Real Housewives of New York, Episode Three Recap

Real Housewives of New York, Episode Three Recap

We continue right where we left off last week, with Carole and Aviva duking it out over their literary cred. Carole tells Aviva that she doesn’t talk about her parenting, so “don’t talk about my career.” It gets ugly. Carole tells Aviva she’s a sick person. Proving her point, Aviva retorts, “And who in the Kennedys are you still friends with today?” Carole tells Aviva she’s a psychopath with no soul. Aviva says, “Well, at least I’m not fifty years old.”  How do the other ladies react? Romana tells the camera she feels “really bad” about being the catalyst for the fight. Yeah. She also says, “To tell you the truth, Aviva can turn. And when she turns — look out.” Kristen can’t take the heat. “It’s not that big a deal. Can’t we all just get along?” Heather is team Carole.

Next, we see Carole at editor, Barbara Jones’, office in the flatiron building. They are going over page proofs for The Widows Guide to Sex and Dating . Carole is irritated because she sees things changed that she already corrected twice. Her editor is like, you have to chill. It wasn’t twice. “You seem to be getting so worked up and it’s fine,” Barbara says. Carole admits she’s just having a bad week, and tells her that someone accused her of not being a writer and using a ghostwriter for all her books. Barbara says, “That’s crazy,” and adds, “The book would be a lot worse, but in some ways would be a lot easier for me.” They laugh.

Sonja is at home with her two interns. She tells the camera, “Team Sonja is no less than thirty-five people. Most of them come from wealthy families because who else could afford to work for me?” She burns candles to clear negative energy. Then talks to a new female intern who will be doing social media. The other intern, her “gay husband” is her “business” intern. The young woman intern says, “You work so hard!” Yes, concedes Sonja. She’s exhausted. She quotes Ivana Trump, “A woman never knows how strong she  is until she’s in hot water. No. What is it? A woman…never knows how strong she is until she’s in hot water. She’s like a cup of tea.” Anyway.

Aviva is in Central Park shooting the cover of her book Leggy Blonde. She says she’s not going to let that “Non well-wisher Carole burst my bubble.”  She says, “It takes a village to write a book, and it takes a village to shoot the cover. There are more people around here than it took to birth my babies.” Kristen shows up. During a break in shooting, they take a walk and end up sitting on a bench. Kristen defends Carole’s side of the argument because she worked at ABC as a journalist. Aviva says she has a writing background — she majored in English, a law degree, and she had “an essay published.” Kristen says she saw a side of her at the party that she never saw before. She repeats, “Can’t we all just get along.”

Carole is throwing a baby shower for a single friend who is having her first child. Sonja tells the camera, “Carole, miss I-don’t-want-to-have-a-baby, is hosting a baby shower. What’s the caterer going to bring? Diet pills and vodka?” The apartment is filled with blue balloons. Sonja asks the expectant mother, “Is it going to be a boy or a girl?” Romana shows up and Carole introduces her to her friend Nathan Englander, a Pulitzer-prize nominated novelist. Carole tells Ramona that Nathan can explain to her the difference between and editor and a ghost writer. Romana is annoyed, “I know exactly,” she says. Carole and Ramona have a sit-down, and Carole tells her that she doesn’t know why Ramona got in the middle of the whole thing. Ramona says she’d rather have Carole’s friendship than Aviva’s. Carole says that Aviva accused her of having a ghost writer for her first book, which is about her late husband. “Probably the love of my life. I’m proud of my career. It’s all I have.  Through circumstance or design or chance, I didn’t have children.”

Next, Kristen, her husband Josh, Heather and her husband are at a Spartan Race course. Kristen is doing it to support her husband, whose business is somehow related to this (can’t quite put the pieces together on this one.) She is really nervous about making it through the race. “There’s barbed wire! I’m a model. What if I cut my face?” Everyone else is extremely into it. She asks Josh, “Are you going to leave me in the dust?” He says no, “I’m going to run with you.” Well, he leaves her in the dust. He finishes, along with Heather and her husband, way before her. When she finally reaches the finish line, she won’t even speak to him. (Frankly, I wouldn’t have, either.) Josh tells her, “You’re the only one complaining. Man up.” Ugh. If that’s the way he talks to her, no wonder she was somewhat tepid when he bought her diamond earrings in the season premiere.  It would take a lot more than jewelry to get me past that.

The previews for next week promise even more drama as the ladies party in the Hamptons.

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