Reality Romance: Eric and Jessie, Episode Three Recap

Reality Romance: Eric and Jessie, Episode Three Recap
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It’s Super Bowl week, and Jessie is primping and prepping for her man’s big day. Jessie, her mom, and Sydney are getting manicures (in blue and orange, Denver Broncos colors). Jessie is also getting Eric’s number, 87, painted on her nails, and asks her mom “Do you want number 18 — for your hall pass?” Jessie says she knows “Peyton [Manning] is your hall pass.” Her mom, Karen, says “That’s secret information.”

Jessie: You said you like the way he takes charge on the field.

Karen: I’m feeling very hot right now.

Jessie: My hall pass is Ryan Gosling.

Next, it’s on to New York, where Eric’s team will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks (in New Jersey). Jessie is anxious to see Eric. They’ve been apart for two weeks, which is the longest they’ve been separated since the beginning of their relationship and Jessie was touring. Jessie just hopes she doesn’t go into labor in the middle of the Super Bowl. “If I did, I wouldn’t even tell him.”

In New York, Jessie does and appearance on The Insider. She says of the game, “I know their defense is really great but we’ve got the best offense.” Co-Host Michelle Williams says, “You go girl. She’s pregnant, sexy, and she knows football.” Co-host Kevin Frazier asks her what happens when football season is over? Jessie says that this season is different because Eric becomes a free agent. “We’re hoping and praying we get to stay in Denver because I want to be able to raise our baby girl there for the next four or five years.” Michelle also asks the camera to show Jessie’s shoes. “Mama is working the six inch heels! I’m inspired.” Jessie says, “What you don’t realize is I wear my Uggs up here and then put these on.”

Jessie goes to lunch with her mom, stepfather Steve, and Sydney. Jessie tells her parents that Eric is totally MIA, but that he picked the right wife for this because she gets it. She tells the camera that she’s not allowed to stay in his room because whenever the guys are about to have a big game they are separated so they can focus. “He’d do the same thing for me,” she tells her mother, adding, “I miss him so much it hurts.” Karen says, “I think it makes you grumpy.”

Jessie: “Well, he put a baby in me. I’m a little hormonal.”

And then Eric surprises her by showing up at the restaurant. She jumps up and runs into his arms. He checks out how big her belly has gotten. She is clearly overjoyed. She tells her mom, “He just brings me to life.” Karen says to him, “We like her more this way. Can you please stick around?”

The night before the game, Jessie and her parents and sister are having dinner and Steve says that this time tomorrow it will be halfway into the second period. Jessie says just hearing that makes her have anxiety. Karen says, “Just think — you’ll be sleeping in the bed with him tomorrow night.” Jessie tells her, “I have not had my man in so long.” Karen says, “I know baby, you keep complaining about it.” Jessie’s friend Nikki shows up. Her husband, Britton Colquitt, is Eric’s teammate. They both tear up talking about their husbands and the game. Jessie tells Nikki she’s really tired and is even moaning in her sleep. Nikki says, “Dreaming about that churro.” Everyone laughs and Jessie says no it’s that she’s uncomfortable. Jessie says it’s getting harder and harder to have sex while pregnant. Her mother says you just have to find a creative position — or just say no. Jessie says she will never say no. “I’ve never turned Eric down. He turns me down a lot.” Nikki is also pregnant, so they toast their husbands with “mocktails.”

It’s the day of the big game. Jessie and family take a chartered bus to the stadium (Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey). She says she’s trying not to think too much about it “because it will make me a little crazy. This is the Super Bowl. This is a big deal.”

Things go downhill fast. She tells the camera, “Within the first few minutes of the game it kind of set the tone. We kept hoping and praying that things would take a turn for the better, but it was just fate for the other team to win.” She says that all she kept thinking during the game when it was clear there was no turning back was what would she say to Eric? I was just thinking what can I say? What can I do? Because we don’t really get to lose that many games so I don’t usually have to prepare a speech for something like that.”

Back in Denver, she makes him breakfast in bed (chocolate chip pancakes). “It’s my job now as a wife, a football wife, and as his baby mama, to nurture him and make him feel better.”

In the end, they are in bed with their three dogs and her huge belly and it’s clear that with the football season behind them, there is only one thing on their minds and that’s the arrival of their daughter.

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