Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Episode Five

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Episode Five

Sydney is heartbroken. Apparently, things are cooling off with her new boyfriend, Zach. She bursts into tears and Jessie consoles her. Sydney says that he’s just sending her “token” text messages and she’d rather he just not text her at all. “He’s not the one,” Jessie tells her. “It just hurts,” says Sydney. Jessie says that even though she’s young, she knows what she wants. “You want to get married young, you want to have babies young, kind of like Momma did. And bake pies and take care of your family. That’s what’s important to you.” Jessie tells her that she has so much to offer and she can do better than Zach.  She tells the camera, “She’s twenty-two years old. She puts a lot of pressure on herself.” (It can’t be easy to live with her sister in her perfect house with her perfect husband and baby on the way.)

Eric and his teammate, Demaryus are putting together a crib. Jessie is nervous that the nursery isn’t set up yet. But when she comes in and sees what they’re doing, she’s not happy. “I thought we were going to pick something out together.” She says, “Is this even real wood?” And she’s especially not excited to see that the changing table is attached to the crib. “Would you want your toilet right next to your bed?” Eric: “During the season? Yes.” The crib is going back.

Jessie’s song-writing partner, Alyssa, arrives for a visit. They write a lullaby for the baby. Next, Eric and Jessie have their friends Veronica  and Wesley Woodyard (a Denver linebacker) over for dinner.  Veronica is also expecting a baby. Jessie says she can’t believe they’re both pregnant and it’s both of their husbands’ “contract year.” They don’t know where they are going to be living next year. Wes and Eric have a swaddling contest with a stuffed animal. Eric wins (barely). The guys go play pool and Jessie and Veronica talk about their impending motherhood. Jessie says she hasn’t even finished the nursery because they might not even be in that house. “We could be giving birth, and the same day find out where he’s going.”

In the end, Eric hires a personal chef to cook them a romantic dinner. He tells the camera, “It’s been a long season and not as much attention was given to Jess. I figured it would be a good time to surprise her with a romantic dinner to show her how much I care for her and how much I want to pamper her through the end of this pregnancy.” He walks her into the dining room covering her eyes. The table is set with white and pink roses. “It’s like our wedding! Thank you,” Jess says. The five-course meal is southern style for her, and she says to him, “You’re going to get lucky tonight.” She says something about how he already got lucky that morning but he’s going to again. They talk about the challenge of having sex while pregnant. “It’s a challenge…but we still achieve the goal,” she says. Eric makes a toast to the “wonderful things that have happened in our lives to get us to this point.”  “It’s been pretty great,” she says.  He adds, “The most perfect thing about to happen…our little girl.”

The previews for next week show Jess starting to lose it not knowing where he’s going to be playing next season.

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