Reality Romance: Eric & Jessie, Episode Two Recap

Reality Romance: Eric & Jessie, Episode Two Recap
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The genetically blessed couple will be apart for two weeks, as Eric heads to New York and Jessie goes to LA to finish recording her new album — her first in five years — and then to Nashville for her baby shower.

Jessie arrives at The London Hotel in Los Angeles with her mother. Jessie tells her mother it’s been hard to get the album finished because she wanted to be there for Eric during football season. Her Mom asked how he felt about her leaving just before he leaves for New York, and she says he’s not thrilled about it but knows it’s something she has to do. Jessie is also on the verge of getting sick.

Back in Denver, Sydney is making cupcakes when Eric walks into the kitchen. (I didn’t realize that her sister lives with them.) Eric helps her frost the cupcakes, and they talk about how excited he is to have a little girl. Sydney asks how he’ll feel when she starts dating, and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. But he does say, “I guess if there’s anyone I’d want giving her man advice, it would be you.” (As we remember from last episode, Sydney is a virgin at age 23.) “Yeah,” Sydney says. “She’s not going to be a whore.” He says he wouldn’t mind if he’s living in his house until she’s twenty-three. Sydney asks, “How would you feel if I lived with y’all til I get married?” Eric does not seem too excited at this prospect. “Are you projecting five years down the road, or fifteen years?”

Jessie shows up at the recording studio with her mother. She tells her producer, John, that she feels sick and she’s obviously coughing. She tries to record but her voice is shot — she has no range. She can’t finish the album.

Next, she arrives in Nashville, and we see her wearing a medical face mask. She’s at Vanderbilt MedicalCenter. It turns out, she was so sick on the plane that the flight attendant found a nurse on the plane. Jessie had 103 fever and high blood pressure. They landed and went straight to the hospital. She has the H1N1 flu virus. (On the plus side, she saw Reese Witherspoon on the flight and invited her to the baby shower.)

They arrive at the adorable B&B, Lillie Belle’s, where they’ll be staying and holding the baby shower. All her friends are flying into town, and Jessie doesn’t even know if she’ll be able to go to the shower.

Eric is hanging out with his teammate doing some conditioning. He’s worried about Jess, but knows that she’s in good hands with her mother traveling with her.

The day of the shower, she wakes up feeling terrible. She hears everyone downstairs getting ready for the party. She doesn’t want to get anyone sick, but she doesn’t want to not show up. (They shower does look too beautiful to miss. The cake looks like it’s for a wedding — a pink wedding.)

In the end, Jessie shows up wearing her face mask. She’s “in awe” of the beautiful party, and has a great day.

Next week previews look like it’s Super Bowl time.

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