Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Season Two Premiere

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Season Two Premiere
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If, like me, you missed the first season of this gorgeous couple, here’s some background: Game On follows the marriage and careers of country singer Jessie James and NFL player Eric Decker. They’ve told the media they want to do a show about a “functional” married couple.

At the time this episode filmed, Eric played for the Denver Broncos (he’s since become a starting wide receiver for the New York Jets) and they were about a month and a half away from the birth of their daughter. On March 18, Vivianne Rose Decker was born.

But back to the episode:

Eric is in the middle of NFL playoffs, and Jessie is recording a new album. She’s also hugely pregnant. He says the baby is his number one priority. She’s helping him stretch out.

Jessie is having lunch out with her mother and sister, Sydney. She tells the camera she’s had a “really rough” pregnancy so she’s always happy when her mother comes to visit. At the table, she asks her mother, “How did you squeeze me out? I was nine pounds and five ounces.” Her mother replies, “I pushed really hard, for two days.” Her mother asks how everything is going with Eric and his football schedule, and Jessie says he’s doing the best he can to balance it. “He gives me a foot massage every day. He just might be watching football while he’s doing it.” She says this football season has been harder than usual because she’s pregnant and, “I miss my man.” Her mother tells her she and Eric will be even closer after this experience (the birth of their baby) and Jessie says, “He’s going to faint. He gets blood drawn and he actually physically passes out.” Her mother laughs and says she’s glad she’s going to be there. Jessie says she wants her mother in the delivery room, and her sister should be filming it.

Next, we have some gratuitous scenes of Eric shirtless and getting stretched out by his trainer. Thank you, E!

Meanwhile, Jessie is home putting make-up on with Sydney. Her sister is talking about her recent date. She tells the camera, “In 2014, when you are waiting for marriage and holding onto that V-card, it’s very hard dating.” I would imagine. The sisters are clearly opposites: Jessie is always making sexual references, and Sydney constantly looks embarressed.

Jessie is at a Broncos game, and the win puts them in the Superbowl. Jessie tells the camera how proud she is of Eric.  She says, “He’s only been in the league four years. It’s pretty amazing he’s already going to the Superbowl.” He won’t get that excited about it, but she insists, “We’re AFC champions. That’s a big deal in itself.”

Jessie’s friend Jessica Smith comes to visit from LA. Jessie says they need to find her a man, but that in LA men her age want a twenty-year-old. At thirty, she’s “old.” Jessie wants to find her “a really nice guy.” Jessie tells them that Eric won’t have sex with her during playoff season so he can hold onto his testosterone. “I’m not getting a lot of action right now,” she tells the camera. “Being married to him, you want him every day. He’s so hot.”

Eric and Jessie go to the doctor for an ultrasound appointment. She says she hopes she doesn’t go into labor during the Superbowl. Eric looks slightly panicked.

Game on!

photo credit: Ben Watts/Courtesy of GQ

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