Reality Romance: Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Episode 3 Recap

Reality Romance: Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Episode 3 Recap

“I don’t expect you to be a genius. Or responsible. I just expect you to be honest.”  — Kourtney to Scott

The Kardashian and the Jenner sisters are out to dinner with their mother. Kris mentions that she moved away from home when she was 17 years old. Khloe interjects, “And married a man 15 years older than you.” We learn that Kris lied to him about how old she was. I’m fascinated by Kris’s first marriage, so this conversation is actually interesting. Dessert arrives, and Kris says, “The saddest thing about this dessert is that it’s Lamar’s favorite.” Don’t tip-toe around Khloe’s feelings, Kris. And, just to rub salt in the wound, “He would love it if here were here.” But he’s not there, because of his (alleged) crack problems and the whole (alleged) cheating thing. “Where am I going to sleep tonight, guys?” Khloe does not want to be at the home she once shared with Lamar. She tells the camera, “I hate being at home.” She has no problem, however, wearing her humongous engagement rock.

She ends up moving into Rob’s. He’s reluctant to live with her again because when he lived with her and Lamar he gained a lot of weight. He’s afraid she will throw him off of his fitness and diet regimen.

Meanwhile, Kris is in New York with Jonathan Chabon and Kim’s make-up artist friend. She is on a mission to train for Broadway. Don’t ask. This subplot makes the secret Sonoma trip of last week seem plausible.

Kourtney tells Scott that her friend saw a billboard saying he is hosting a party at a strip club in Vegas. He denies it. Oh, Scott. Will you never learn? Their friends Chris and Nicole show up for a visit. Scott and Chris go off to do their thing for the day, which apparently includes the aforementioned Vegas appearance. Kourtney and Nicole fake them out pretending to be lunching and shopping in LA, and instead hop on a plane to surprise them. “We are some bad-*ss b*tches,” Kourtney says.

Kris is taking dance lessons with Broadway choreographer Spencer Liff. She says he’s one of the most sought-after choreographers on Broadway, so I have to wonder how he has time for this nonsense. Kris’s moves are as stiff and awkward as her conversations with Bruce. Back at her house, she gives Kim and Jonathan a little preview and they can’t stop laughing. (Is this just a bid for Dancing With the Stars?) Later, she’s on the phone with Kathie Lee Gifford, and tells her that she’s “thinking of going out for a play.” Uh huh. Kathie Lee advises her it’s a huge commitment and she can’t see her, with everything else she has going on in her life, doing it. “You will feel like a monkey in the zoo.” (Isn’t she used to that by now?)  Kris decides her kids need her too much for her to perform on Broadway. (This show has officially become a comedy.)

Kourtney and Nicole arrive in Vegas. (I have to say I’ve never seen someone rock orange neon like Kourtney.) They find Scott and his buddies frolicking poolside amidst a crowd of bikini-clad and topless women (surprise!).  Scott tells the camera, “I think she may have a tracking device on me.”

Scott: I wish I could say that these little games of running around keep Kourtney on her toes in an exciting relationship. But that’s probably not the case. I think Kourtney would like if I never left the neighborhood.” Later, at home, Kourtney asks, “I just want to know: why the need to lie?” He says he didn’t mean to lie; he just didn’t want to hear all the reasons why he shouldn’t be hosting a party.

Kourtney: “Don’t you think honesty is the best policy?”

Scott: “Honestly? Not always.”

Kourtney: “I don’t expect you to be a genius. Or responsible. I just expect you to be honest.”

Khloe is visiting Dash, and Rob shows up and tells her she can’t crash with him any longer. In the end, we see Khloe back in her empty mansion, cut with flashbacks to happier times with Lamar. “I wish that I could just erase everything bad that’s happened. But it’s not that easy.”

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