Reality Romance: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Episode Seven Recap

Reality Romance: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Episode Seven Recap
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It’s the birthday episode, with both Kendall and Bruce celebrating in ways that bring the family together and also show where the lines are drawn.

Kim and Khloe are at the Jenner house (where Kim is still living, and Bruce is not). A call comes in on the land line for Bruce, and Khloe tells the person that “Bruce doesn’t live here.” Khloe says to the camera that ever since he moved out he doesn’t come to the house anymore and it’s sad to her because she still considers him her dad and it’s “not real to me, or I don’t want to accept it.” Kim complains that she has to get her nails done and she has a fitting. “I can’t even think of all the things I have to do.” Khloe says, “Life is tough.”

Kendall wants to go to Magic Mountain for her eighteenth birthday.  She also says she wants to move out. Kris is not happy. Kim advises her to live at home as long as she can.

At Kourtney’s house, Scott is frustrated with all the things they have stored in the garage. Kourtney admits she has hoarding tendencies, and decides she wants to have a yard sale.

Kris is at dinner chugging red wine and telling Jonathan Chabon, her cousin CiCi, and Jonathan’s friend Roman that she will be lonely at the house if Kendall moves out.

Bruce is with Kendall and Kylie at a deli. Khloe calls to see what Bruce wants to do for his birthday. He says he doesn’t need anything – don’t worry about him. Bruce tells Khloe all he needs to celebrate his birthay is Kendall, Kylie and Khloe because he knows everyone else couldn’t care less.

The family commences item collection for the garage sale. Kris is clearly the worst hoarder of the group.

Kendall and Kylie are at Bruce’s house. He asks her if she is serious about getting her own house, and she says yes. “You’re very fortunate, you know that?” “Um hmm,” Kendalls says, lilipop in her mouth. He adds, “Most kids when they’re eighteen can’t buy a house.” Bruce tries talking her into moving to Malibu. He tells the camera, “Kendall wants to get away from everything at the house. Like father, like daughter. Go Kendall.” He offers to help her find a house.

Kris wants to do something to contribute to Bruce’s birthday dinner and prove that it’s not only Khloe who cares about him.  She decides that she will track down some of his former olympic teammates and invite them as a surprise.

Bruce takes Kendall house hunting in Malibu. She tells the camera that her brother Brody loves it out there so she’s excited to look. They see a house that’s amazing but somehow not good enough for her. She wants to keep looking. “I still haven’t found a place that I’m in love with.”

At the Jenner house, they are planning the charity garage sale. Kourtney has to leave to go to New York with Scott to help his Dad since his mother died.

At Six Flags, Kris pulls Bruce aside and says, Don’t you think it’s weird that we’re on opposite pages when it comes to Kendall? Bruce basically says no, he doesn’t. He thinks it would be good for her to move out. He tells the camera that he moved otu when he was eighteen — and never went back. “Kids do this.” He tells Kris, “she’s a lot more matuer than Kim was when she was eighteen and moved out, and you didn’t have problem with that.” D’oh! Kris tells the camera she’s suspicious that Bruce wants Kendall to move to Malibu to be closer to him, and she’s “not going to take it anymore.”

Back at the Jenner house, Kris catches Bruce talking to Kendall about houses and they get into an argument about it and Kendall tells them to stop fighting over her. “I’m legally an adult, and I can do what I want.” Kris tells the camera, “I am never going to be ready to let Kendall go.” She tells Kendall she will try to support her in what she needs to do.

It’s Bruce’s birthday dinner in a back room at Ruth’s Chris steak house. There is a golf cake and a helicopter cake. Brandon and Leah, and Khloe are there. He hugs Khloe and says she’s always been his favorite.Kendall shows up. It looks like no one else is showing up and it’s really tense. Khloe calls Kris and she says she’s walking in now. Kris, Kim, and Kylie walk in. Kim says she left North with Kanye for the first time and is nervous about it.  Then Bruce’s former Olympic teammates walk in and Bruce is floored and the surprise is a huge success. It’s the first time the guys from the 1976 olympic decathalon team have been together again.

Overall, this was a somewhat blah, filler episode. But the previews for tonight’s episode indicate more Khloe and Lamar drama.



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