Reality Romance: Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Episode Six Recap

Reality Romance: Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Episode Six Recap
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This is an intense episode: One couple’s life together begins, and another couple’s life together ends. The polarity of this could not have been planned, and it’s truly sad.

Kourtney is making calls to rally the troops for the surprise trip to San Francisco for Kim’s birthday. Kim walks in and almost catches them. She says that Kanye wants her to fly to San Francisco for her birthday, but she doesn’t want to leave baby North for that long.

Later, Kourtney asks Scott how his mother is doing. Apparently, she’s been having health problems. Kourtney explains in voice over that Scott is an only child, and he’s very close to his mother. Bruce walks in and overhears this. He asks Scott what’s going on, and Scot tells him his mother is in ICU. Her liver shut down. Scott tells the camera that while his father has always been out of shape and diabetic, the news that his mother is sick is a big shock.

Kris is patting herself on her back that with only a four day head’s up, she managed to get everyone together for the trip to San Francisco and kept it secret. (Next week, she cures cancer.)

On the private plane to San Francisco, Kourtney says it’s hard for her to let loose and have fun when her mind is in a different place. She offered to be with Scott in New York with his parents, but apparently he wanted to go by himself.

Cut to Scott driving on the highway in New York. He says he feels bad missing the surprise party for Kim, but his mother needs him.

On the plane, the girls think their mother knows way more than she is letting on about what will be happening tonight. She tells the camera, “I know first-hand the real Kanye. He is a sweetheart with a huge heart for everyone that he loves. He is so many things that a lot of people don’t get the chance to see. He is the best guy to my daughter and really has her best interest at heart.”

Scott is dealing with his father trying to get him to at least take care of himself. His dad is obviously is having a very hard time. He says of Scott’s mother, “One day she’s up, one day she’s down.” It doesn’t look good, and it’s hard not to feel really bad for Scott dealing with this as an only child, and dealing it without Kourtney there to help him.

But back to Kimye: Kim is still in LA because she’s not feeling well. The sisters are in a hotel room in San Francisco getting their make-up and hair done. Kris walks in looking like she’s ready for the red carpet. Khloe says, “Where are you going — the Grammys?” Kourtney says that Scott’s mom had a seizure. Kris says that today the highs are high, and the lows are low. Kourtney: “Yeah.”

Now everyone is dressed up and on a bus “The Kim K. Surprise Bus.” Kris warns everyone no social media until they hear otherwise. The bus pulls up to the AT&TPark baseball stadium. From the size and scope of the crowd of friends and family who have shown up for this, it’s becoming clear this is going to be huge event. It’s a little strange, and sad, that with everyone friend imaginable there, Bruce is nowhere in sight. Whatever is going on with him and Kris, he’s been like a father to Kim, and walked her down the aisle when she married Kris Humphries. It’s sad that he’s been pushed out.

Kanye’s people, producers and set designers, are getting the scene ready with roman candles and who knows what else. A symphony is doing a sound check. One of the people organizing explains to the group that one group will be in one dugout, and another will be in the other dugout with Kris. Kris warns cell phones off and no talking. It’s night, dark on the field and hundreds of people in the shadows. Kim and Kanye pull up in a car.  It’s all dark except for the candles. Kim and Kanye get out of the car. The roman candles go off, the orchestra is playing, and Kim has no idea everyone is there in the hiding. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She puts the ring on and they start kissing. The lights come on. Everyone runs onto the field and starts congratulating them. Kim says she’s shaking. The ring is huge and flawless.

photo credit: E! Online News

Inside, Kris gives a speech. She tells Kanye that he has felt like a son to her for a very long time. She says he loves how he treats her daughter, and he is as a father.  As much as I enjoy being snarky and cynical,  Kim and Kanye seems very cute together and very much in love.

Later, Bruce calls Kris on the phone and she says, “It’s a shame you had to travel and couldn’t be here.” Yeah, right.

Scott is in New York, driving and calling Kourtney. He tells her it’s not looking good.

Back at Kourtney’s house, Khloe is helping Kourtney pack in case she has to fly to New York.  Khloe reminds her she doesn’t need heels to go to the hospital. She has lunch with her friends and they tell her she should just go to New York and not wait for Scott to tell her when to come. It’s pathetic it takes her friends to tell her this. She doesn’t know that for herself?

Kim invites the whole family to Vegas for Kanye’s concert. She wants one last hurrah with everyone before she leaves with the baby to join him on tour.  The stadium is packed and Kanye comes out on stage and it’s electrifying. Kim is wearing a white lacy two-piece outfit that shows off her boobs. Kris id all decked out in black leather. Suddenly, Scott shows up. Kourtney doesn’t seem that happy to see him, or maybe that’s just her usual low affect.  Khloe tells the camera that she helped get Scott in from New York to surprise Kourtney, and that Scott needed a break from all that is going on. She decides she is going to back to New York with him from Vegas.

At the end of the episode, the screen says: Bonnie Disick died the day after Kanye West’s concert in Las Vegas. Scott and Kourtney were by her side.

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