Reality Romance: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Mid-Season Finale

Reality Romance: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Mid-Season Finale
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Either I’ve hit a new personal low, or KOWTK has reached a dramatic highpoint. Either way, by the end of this episode I was crying. Crying!

Kim is packing to join Kanye on his Yeezuz tour, and Kourtney and Scott are packing for a couples getaway to Miraval Spa in Arizona.

Scott has been having a hard time since his mother died and Kourtney is hoping the trip will help him cope with the stress he is under instead of him just hiding his pain under the usual jokes and wise cracks.

Rob, at his mother’s insistence, goes to the doctor to get his thyroid checked. He is gaining more and more weight.

The family is out to dinner and Lamar calls Khloe but his phone cuts out. Khloe is frustrated because she’s been trying to reach him. Kim tells the camera “As much as I love Lamar, it’s just so hard to see your sister live this releationship where you don’t know when she’s going to speak to him next.” Kim says Khloe and Lamar had plans to go to therapy and take the necessary steps to fix the relationships, “But those steps are not being met.” “Kloe has literally given up her life for the past couple of years. I have never seen someone try so hard at something and it breaks my heart.”

Kourtney and Scott arrive at the beautiful spa. They walk into their suite.

Scott: “This is what I’d like our house to look like — instead of Beetlejuice.”

I know people think Scott is a tool, but I’ve come to really like him and and least once an episode he says somethng that makes me laugh. (He said something really funny earlier in the episode but it was X-rated.)

Khloe is doing a promotional junket for the Kardashian Collection. In Dubai, one of the journalists asks her about Lamar. Khloe looks like a deer caught in headlights and her publicist tells them to stick to questions about fashion and beauty. Khloe tells the camera that it’s awkward when people ask he about Lamar because she hasn’t even seen him in two months.

Kim is driving and Malika calls her to discuss how to deal with the Lamar video. (If you remember from the tabloids, a video surfaced online of Lamar bragging about how he slept with other women when Khloe was away.) Kim tells the camera: “This video leaked of Lamar and his friend Jamie rapping about Khloe. It just hurts that this guy who swept her off her feet and made her see love a different way turned out to not be the guy that she married.” Kim says that as much as Khloe wants to ignore the rumors, she can’t ignore something that is said out of Lamar’s own mouth. Malika says it’s time they all sit her down and tell her she doesn’t have to keep “running herself into this wall.”  Kim tells the camera that she understand that Khloe said her vows and she meant every word that she said, but she’s never going to win this battle. “At some point, Khloe just has to let go.”

Back at the spa, Kourtney brings Scott to a Native American “talking circle.” He embraces it, and admits that he has a spiritual vacuum which he tries to fill with material things. It’s very honest and probably true soul-searching. Kourtney, when it’s her turn, has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Rob’s test results come back and the situation looks dire: If he doeesn’t get healthier and lose weight, his liver could shut down. (We learn this when Kris gets a call from the doctor. Rob is a grown man in his twenties. Why would the doctor call his mother instead of him? It’s pathetic.)

In Australia, Khloe is talking to Malika about the rap video. Malika says she doesn’t understand why, when Khloe is being so cordial and nice about everything, he would do this. Khloe doesn’t understand it either. Malika advises her to just ignore his texts and calls and give herself some time.

At the spa, Scott is annoyed that the trip was Kourtney’s idea, but she doesn’t want to participate in any of the activities. Scott calls her on it, and she says’s she’s not into talking. “What are you into?” he asks in frustration. He tells the camera, “Kourt always wants me to be vulnerable and tell her what’s on my mind, but she needs to open up too.” To make inroads with this problem, He sets up a “walk and talk” with a counselor at the spa. Kourtney admits she’s not a talker. The counselor asks Kourtney if she has always been this way, and she says yes. The counselor says she learned somewhere along the way to just zip it and play it cool, and that she might not even know how to access her feelings. Scott says he loves her for who she is but she’s a blocked off person. Kourtney tells the camera that this is something worth working on if it’s important to Scott. Before they leave Arizona, Kourtney takes Scott to her old “stomping grounds” from when she was a student at University of Arizona and they bond.

Back in LA, Rob is at a doctor getting some of his tattoos removed. The guy is an absolute mess.

When Kourtney gets back to LA, she joins Kim and Malika for an intervention of sorts to get her to “face reality” and resolve the Lamar situation. They sit her down, and Kim says that they all love Lamar, but she has to make a decision. Kim tells her that she’s put her life on hold long enough, and that she’s done everything a person can do. Kim says she thinks she feels guilty, as if she is giving up. Kim wants her to know that she’s not giving up, that she can’t do it all if he won’t do anything to save the marriage. Khloe says she can’t make a decision on this “all alone.” (It’s as if she expects to have a sit-down with Lamar and they decide together what to do, but it’s a bizarre expectation given the circumstances.)

Kourtney: “It’s unfair that you’re alone in your marriage.” Khloe says it’s easier said than done.

Kim: “That’s why we’re here.”

Khloe starts to cry. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair that anyone has to go through this.”

Kim and Kourtney start crying too. Kim tells her she knows it’s the hardest thing, but she reminds Khloe that she’s told Lamar time and again, come fix this marriage.

Khloe: “But I don’t think he understands. I’ve told him if you keep not showing up for therapy then I’m done — I’m going to file. And the saddest part is when it doesn’t even rattle the person when I threaten it?”

Malika: “So you’ve given him the warning. How much more can you take? You don’t deserve this. There’s nothing more you can do.”

Khloe: “Then what have I been fighting for?”

Kim: “He’s chosen this other life then the life you’ve given him. That’s going to have to be his bad. He’s going to have to wake up and realize he gave up everything.”

Khloe: “It just sucks when you’ve given so much and it’s still not enough for someone.”

They tell her it’s not personal. She says she can’t help but take it that way. Kim says it’s so far gone, it’s irreversible, that even if he called today and said he wanted to fix things, it would take years to heal what was done.

She files for divorce.

The episode ends with Kris talking about how this is the hardest thing Khloe will ever have to do. She had so much love and passion with Lamar, and its a hard thing to get over. A montage of scenes of Khloe and Lamar plays: their engagement, their wedding, family dinners, Lamar playing with Mason. Kris says, crying, “We were all in love with Lamar.” At this point, I’m totally crying, too. At Keeping Up With the Kardashians! The thing is, even with tons of fake, staged scenes of “reality” television, every once and a while, you see something truly real. And this was one of those times.






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