Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode Three

Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode Three
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TRUE TORI was excruciating this week. I barely know where to begin.

First, they had another therapy session with Dr. Wexler. Tori told Dean that she knew he always had the expectation that their sex life would stay the same as it had been at the beginning – sex multiple times a day, every day. But now they have four kids and work, and it’s just not realistic.

“Yeah, but sometimes we go two weeks. Sometimes three. Once we even stretched it to a month,” Dean says. Tori looks at Dr. Wexler like, can you believe this guy? Dr. Wexler tells him that his expectations of married sex life is “a fairy tale.” (Yeah, if by “fairy tale” she means Cinemax late night). Tori cries, and tells him that his affair made her feel ugly, and inadequate and basically brought back all of her demons. He says he feels inadequate, too – that his whole career is based on her, and that with the “other woman” he felt like a man. She says she tries to make him feel like a man, to “look at him” like that. In the end, Dr. Wexler gave them an assignment: Tori has to write Dean a letter about all of the reason she’s angry. And Dean has to write her an apology letter.

Dean comforts Tori. Sort of.

I have tried to feel empathy for Dean, I really have. But later in the episode, Dean has a friend (named Wolf) at the house while Tori is out. Wolf asks why he “did what he did.” Why he risked everything. And Deans says – wait for it – because I didn’t think I’d get caught. Dean, you do realize this is being televised, right?

This makes it all the more crazy when later in the episode, Tori says that the sauce he’s cooking is too “water down” and he gets angry at her, saying that he is a chef and she’s saying on camera that his sauce is watered down. She turns to the producer, then back to Dean, and is like, are you kidding me? With everything that is going on and everything that is being said, that’s what you’re worried about?

 Later that night, Dean is annoyed that the kids have gotten in the habit of sleeping in Tori’s bed over the past three months. She was like well, you weren’t here, and I did the best I could and I think I did a good job. He tells her she’s too lenient with the kids, and that doesn’t make her a good mother.

People, this does not look promising.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Wexler visits the house, and they read their letters to each other. Tori’s letter isn’t about what made her angry, but more a statement that everything changed when they had children. Dean’s letter wasn’t so much an apology as a mea culpa, I’m an *asshole. So that was a total fail. Then Dean starts having some sort of anxiety attack, and Dr. Wexler has to dial things back.

The previews for next week show that he has been invited back again to host Chopped Canada (this is where he cheated on Tori.) The you-know-what is hitting the fan. I’ll be tuning in — so you don’t have to.

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