REKINDLED by Maisey Yates

REKINDLED by Maisey Yates
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Lucy Ryan got everything she thought she wanted, going from high school queen to Manhattan trophy wife. But none of it was worth staying in a loveless marriage. So now she’s back in Silver Creek—with no money and no place to stay, applying for a job cleaning someone else’s house. And her potential employer is the last person she ever expected to see again. Mac Denton can’t believe the mean girl who once tormented him in high school is now his housekeeper. He looks forward to making her squirm for a few days before she runs back to her rich husband. But Lucy has changed, and he is surprised to find himself attracted to the beautiful, courageous woman she has become. Lucy is finally ready to go after what she really wants from life. And what she wants more than anything is Mac. But is Mac ready to truly forget the past and embrace the future?

REKINDLED is a novella in Maisey Yates’ Silver Creek Romance series. I haven’t read any of the other installments, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of reading this short but sweet and very sensual story. It can definitely be read as a stand-alone.

Lucy Carter has returned to Silver Creek after her divorce from her controlling ex-husband, and she is in desperate need of a job. She answers an ad to be a housekeeper, and her potential employer, Mac Denton, soon recognizes her as Lucy Ryan, the rich girl who tormented him in high school with taunts like, “Well, maybe someday you’ll be cleaning my floors.” And now, that has actually come true, except it’s Lucy who’s doing the cleaning and the cooking and everything else a housekeeper’s duties entail.

At first, Mac enjoys this reversal of roles. Now a successful rancher, he loves the fact that the snotty girl from high school is his employee. But his feelings toward Lucy gradually shift when she confides in him about the verbal abuse that her ex-husband Daniel put her through:

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll probably go back. Because it was so great to live with a man who was always telling me what an empty-headed bimbo I was. I mean, it wasn’t ideal, sure, but we had money. And money wins in the end, right? Not strength. Not anything else.”

As the weeks pass, Lucy and Mac can’t fight their growing attraction for each other, and she finally admits to him:

“Yeah, I think some of that sweaty, hot sex wouldn’t be so bad. No. It really wouldn’t.”

He can’t resist Lucy for much longer:

“I don’t want an out…I should. But I don’t. What I want is to tear off that prissy little outfit and have my way with you.”

Despite their issues from their past, Lucy and Mac overcome them and finally get their much deserved happy ending, which I fully enjoyed. REKINDLED is a quick but most satisfying read.

REKINDLED (A SILVER CREEK NOVELLA) by Maisey Yates/InterMix/June 18

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