Review from HEA USA Today: The Shadow Keepers!

Review from HEA USA Today:  The Shadow Keepers!
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The Shadow Keepers series is a hot, alluring fantasy ride through all types of paranormal species and love interests, spiced with a bit violence (sometimes a whole dash!). This makes J.K. Beck’s series a great world for readers to fall into.

JK Beck writes of a world with justice for the paranormal society that sometimes spills into our own mundane human world. She writes of a world with lawyers, vampires, weres, strangers, killers and criminals, also of attraction and lust … a lot of lust. This review is a brief view of her Shadow Keepers books and the couples who dance through their pages.
Below Jessie Potts from HEA USA TODAY posted a recap of the Shadow Keepers series that I thought our readers on R@R would enjoy – here we go!

When Blood Calls: Sara Constantine is an attorney, one who just received a welcome promotion, until she finds out that it’s prosecuting paranormal people … you know, vampires and werewolves. Not really what she signed up for. Her first case? A man she had a one night stand with — and thought he was human. Hard to focus on putting him behind bars when all you want to do is fall into his arms. Luke isn’t a murderer, but how can he convince her when all she wants to do is forget their night? This is the first book in the series, and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you swing) this felt very smutty to me. Don’t get me wrong: The scenes were hot, scorching even, but at times it felt a bit over the top, and the romance didn’t feel like it was allowed to grow, just thrown at the main characters. But the story was interesting enough that I really wanted to get more involved in Beck’s world and so …

When Pleasure Rules:
This was a phenomenal sequel with even more alluring main characters. Lissa Monroe is a succubus tasked with the job of infiltrating the mind of a werewolf leader. Vincent Rand calls to the beauty just like she calls to him, but there are bigger issues at large and the two must join forces if they are to survive. Beck delved even deeper into her world and pulled forth characters, plots, and enemies that had me dying to read the next installment.

When Wicked Craves: Petra has a peculiar problem: One touch of her skin unleashes demons. It’s not her fault, but the Shadow authorities fear her curse and demand her death. Nicholas is a vampire advocate (bet you never thought you’d hear that) and refuses to allow her to die, but he knows he can’t give in to his attraction and live. What I adored about this book: The action and violence started the moment I opened the book. Petra is also the strongest heroine yet, and the most complex. As Beck’s world opens more doors, you’ll find yourself as lost and interested as I did.

When Passion Lies: Tiberius longs to be the head of the Alliance and protect his kind (vampires) and the Shadow world, but it’s a long, hard climb. And there are people who want him and the rest of Shadowkind dead. The heroine is Caris, who was tortured and ran from her mate, Tiberius, and into the arms of his rival. This was a very fascinating and interesting installment. The romance was harsh and bittersweet and seemed more real than the previous couples’. I highly enjoyed this book.

When Darkness Hungers:
Alexis Martin knows there are things that go bump in the night: A vampire killed her sister, so she can connect the dots when a string of murders add up to something more … supernatural. Serge is old, and unfortunately different. He’s a vampire who feeds not on humans but on other Shadowers. His secret can destroy not only him but Alexis as well. This was a hard book to review because while I enjoyed it immensely, the ending felt way too happy and forced. Everything was resolved, and I mean everything. It was a bit too easy to be fully appreciated, but everything that came before that had me reading happily.

When Temptation Burns: Ryan Doyle is an unusual mix: half-human and half-demon. He’s also an ace at denying himself the pleasure he longs for. Reporter Andy is just the girl to test his control while she tracks bad guys. I loved the sparks and chemistry between Andy and Ryan. They are so opposite yet so perfect. Both characters will have to realize that secrets must be revealed and that letting go isn’t such a bad thing. Beck’s world continues to grow and get only more interesting. Readers will find themselves invested not just in the main couple, but in the Shadowkind as a whole.

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Question, do you like a little urban romance in your paranormal romance?

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