Rom Com Review: Friends With Kids

This weekend I was looking for a movie to watch and stumbled upon the 2011 Romantic Comedy Friends With Kids starring Jennifer Westfeldt (Julie) and Adam Scott (Jason) as two friends who decide to have a child together without being in a romantic relationship.

The supporting cast is made up of Maya Rudolph (Leslie) and Chris O’Dowd (Alex) as a couple living with two kids in Brooklyn and Kristen Wiig (Missy) and Jon Hamm (Ben) as a couple who begin to hate each other after the birth of their first child. Seeing what’s happened to their married friends post-children, Julie and Jason think they’re going to beat the system with their arrangement. And they do–for a while.

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The movie is heartfelt and sweet with moments of heartbreak. The lines between friend, husband, wife, mother and father get blurred and moments of high emotion follow. It’s an unconventional spin on the conventional story of having children and falling in love.

If you’re looking for a smart, romantic, and funny movie, check out Friends With Kids.

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