Roman Holiday 4: Ravaged Recap

Roman Holiday 4: Ravaged Recap
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Experiencing Roman Holiday is like waiting for an episode of your favorite TV show each week—we’re constantly wondering what new places and (sexy) hijinks are in store for our heroes, Roman and Ashley. So why not join us for the ride?

Meet Team Loveswept’s Heidi and Katie. They’re our lovely recapping duo, and like you, they’ll be reading Roman Holiday episodes for the first time every Monday. They’ll share their thoughts and feelings (and hilarious gifs and pics of hunks… or preferably gifs of hunks) each week on Tuesday. Join them as they go on the road with Roman and Ashley, and let us know your feelings on each episode in the comments!

–Team Loveswept

P.S. Spoilers ahoy! If you’re spoiler sensitive, make sure to read Roman Holiday: Chained and Roman Holiday: Hitched!

Hi, I’m Heidi, the publishing coordinator here at Loveswept and resident pinner over on our Pinterest page as well as the keeper of the Hunks board . I moved to the city 2 years ago from a really small town in western Massachusetts where dial-up internet still exists and you can forget about cell reception unless you climb a mountain, which yes, I’ve done. Now I live with my doddering old auntie (his words – not mine!) in his dumpy, rent-stabilized, tenement apartment in the west village which we loving refer to as “the dump”.

Hi, I’m Katie, a Digital Publishing Assistant here at Random House and I work on marketing and PR for all of our lovely Loveswept and Flirt authors. I also manage our social media pages, so go check them out! I promise there are plenty of freebies and pictures of hot men on Twitter and Facebook. When I’m not drooling over the sexy men on our covers, I’m hanging out in my tiny apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn attempting to try all the different coffee shops in my neighborhood—with a book (or eBook!) in hand, of course.

In the fourth episode of Roman Holiday…
This week, Roman and Ashley begin their “holiday” by driving from Georgia to North Carolina, where an encounter with Ashley’s friends shows Ashley that not everyone is as committed to Sunnyvale as she is, not even her friends. Driven to insomnia by the conversation between Roman, Arvind and Prachi, Ashley wanders outside, and when Roman goes after her, she lures him to a community pond and badgers him into skinny-dipping with her. Things get pretty steamy between the two of them— Ashley naked and swimming, a muddy pond, Roman’s wet jeans…you know the rest. The next morning, Roman and Ashley go east and stop to camp in a state park. Roman takes a hike that brings back a flood of memories from childhood, comes back to the campsite and makes sure to sleep as far away from Ashley as he can.

Heidi: So Roman is maaaaaaaaaaad. Like really mad. Like turn down Mimosas mad.
Carey Mad

Katie: He and Ashley are the most stubborn people I know. They don’t seem to realize that turning down Mimosas and showers and snacks only hurts them, not anyone else.
Heidi: I just realized that Roman was driving so maybe drinking mimosas before a nice long road trip is a bad idea. But turning down breakfast? He seems like the kind of guy who would know breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Katie: He does! Although he also seems like someone who would have coffee and a banana or something sensible for breakfast…not the drawn-out brunch that Ashley and her friends have.
And then Ashley drags him to the army surplus store in Hinesville. The image of Roman in his tie digging through camping supplies and army jackets in Hinesville is laughable.
Heidi: Yeah, I can’t quite picture that one myself! And when he unknowingly smeared his suit jacket with black grease while musing about being a tiger. HA! “Well there’s your black stripes buddy, you’re halfway there!”

But Ashley promised herself she would be nice to Roman and giving him some purpose other than chauffeur seemed to go a long way with Roman.
Katie: How about when Roman goes on his rant about real estate and Ashley’s friend’s home? He seemed like he was just showing off. But I have to admit…I always think it’s sexy when a guy is really good at what he does. This was the first time where I felt like Roman showed how smart he really is.
Heidi: The right mix of competence and confidence is dangerous in a man and when I say “dangerous,” I mean dangerous in the best way possible. When they roll up to Prachi and Arvind’s subdivision it’s clear Roman knows what he’s doing when it comes to real estate. At least on the business side of it.
Katie: Ashley knows a whole lot more about people than Roman does…and she proves it when she lures him out to the pond…
Heidi: She does but Roman was pretty dialed in on Prachi and Arvind – enticing them with chartered fishing tours, wifi, yoga classes and especially the part about them being able to sell their property in exchange for property on Little Torch… even I was starting to buy into the whole thing.
Katie: Me too! I wonder if he’s going to try and use that charm on Ashley sometime soon. If he does, all of her control in the situation is going to go away…and quickly! A persuasive Roman would be a difficult man to say no to.
Was it just me or did you want Ashley and Roman to have some sexy tent times when they went camping?
Heidi: When he’s on his game I’d imagine he’s a force to be reckoned with. Luckily for Ashley his mixed emotions for her seem to have knocked him off balance.
HA! I’m waiting for them to put the airstream to use: if the airstreams a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’ ;)
Katie: How to make that work phrase work for a tent…If the canvas is movin’, someone’s inside groovin’? That definitely still needs some work, but I still have a week to perfect it before Roman Holiday 5 when Roman and Ashley might get it on in the tent!

tent love

Heidi: If they do next episode I bet it the sex would be “in-tents.” Har-har-har. We also got a look into Roman’s past and who knew the guy was literally a boy scout! He’s probably more capable of camping and surviving out in the wilderness than anybody else!
Katie: I like this new side of him! Roman and Ashley are both proving to be complex characters. Roman’s not just buttoned-up, he also knows how to deal in the wilderness and Ashley’s not as turned off by Roman as she pretended to be.
Heidi: And it appears Ashley has some insecurities of her own.
Heidi: This trip might be just what they both need. What better place to re-evaluate your life than out in the middle of the woods where there are no distractions. Well, not counting the sexual tension, of course, which could keep them occupied for hours…
Katie: Uhhh, yeah! I wonder if they’re headed somewhere secluded next week…It’s the last episode of the first five installments! What’s going to happen? Do you have any big hopes?
Heidi: Well, personally, I’d love to see Roman’s inner woodsman!

Happy Camper

Katie: And I’d like to see Ashley’s stubborn act fall away.
Heidi: ‘Till next week! Oh, and here’s a little nugget to hold you over until then. You’re welcome.

Hot Guy Covered in Mud

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