Roman Holiday 5:Ignited Recap

Roman Holiday 5:Ignited Recap
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Experiencing Roman Holiday is like waiting for an episode of your favorite TV show each week—we’re constantly wondering what new places and (sexy) hijinks are in store for our heroes, Roman and Ashley. So why not join us for the ride?

Meet Team Loveswept’s Heidi and Katie. They’re our lovely recapping duo, and like you, they’ll be reading Roman Holiday episodes for the first time every Monday. They’ll share their thoughts and feelings (and hilarious gifs and pics of hunks… or preferably gifs of hunks) each week on Tuesday. Join them as they go on the road with Roman and Ashley, and let us know your feelings on each episode in the comments!

–Team Loveswept

P.S. Spoilers ahoy! If you’re spoiler sensitive, make sure to read Roman Holiday: Chained and Roman Holiday: Hitched!

Hi, I’m Heidi, the publishing coordinator here at Loveswept and resident pinner over on our Pinterest page as well as the keeper of the Hunks board . I moved to the city 2 years ago from a really small town in western Massachusetts where dial-up internet still exists and you can forget about cell reception unless you climb a mountain, which yes, I’ve done. Now I live with my doddering old auntie (his words – not mine!) in his dumpy, rent-stabilized, tenement apartment in the west village which we loving refer to as “the dump”.

Hi, I’m Katie, a Digital Publishing Assistant here at Random House and I work on marketing and PR for all of our lovely Loveswept and Flirt authors. I also manage our social media pages, so go check them out! I promise there are plenty of freebies and pictures of hot men on Twitter and Facebook. When I’m not drooling over the sexy men on our covers, I’m hanging out in my tiny apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn attempting to try all the different coffee shops in my neighborhood—with a book (or eBook!) in hand, of course.

In the fifth episode of Roman Holiday…

We catch up with Ashley and Roman after they’ve set up their campsite. Roman’s up early doing the military exercise regimen he picked up in the army surplus store and Ashley is waking up…and can’t help herself from watching him. They’ve stopped to camp at Stanley and Michael’s campsite. Though Stanley might seem quiet and removed, he can tell exactly how Ashley feels about Roman. Ashley digs into her grandmother’s boxes after a pointed remark from Stanley and winds up sobbing and upset.

When Ashley decides to take Roman to a ghost town, Roman opens up to Ashley about his past and it brings them even closer together emotionally…and physically. But Roman has to break up with Carmen first–and she’s busy having her own fun with Noah on site. We leave Roman and Ashley as they’re about to embark on the next leg of the trip–with Stanley in tow!

Katie: So, the final episode of Roman Holiday starts with Roman doing sit-ups…I didn’t hate that visual.

Take Me Marilyn

Heidi:  Oh yea I know!  And I couldn’t help be impressed, what was it like 500 sit ups or something? I didn’t know that was humanely possible!

Katie:  Yeah it was 500…he probably needs to work out all of that sexual tension.

 Heidi:  This is true –  but I’m sure as heck wouldn’t do 500 sit ups!!!! After the 500 sit ups or whatever he switches to pushups and that was after going for a however long run.

Katie:  Craziness!

Heidi:  Also…did you also know that–and this is going to sound REALLY weird–but smelling a guy’s sweat is actually a “turn on” for women.  Well, the couple needs to be compatible, I guess, but it’s called pheromones or something…. fun fact!

 You Stink Will Ferrell
Katie:  Maybe this is all part of Roman’s plan! He’s going to work out to make Ashley fall in love with him (if she isn’t in love already!)

Heidi: Maybe on a subconscious level!

Katie: But he’s such a control freak and everything else is out of his control right now, so maybe that’s what drives him to work out. I mean, he couldn’t even set up his tent correctly.

Heidi:  I was very surprised at that – I would’ve bet good money he’d have been able to pitch a tent out of pine needles and sticks but he couldn’t even manage a store-bought tent.  Boy scout fail!

Katie:  I would have thought that Roman would be good at that also..he puts up such a good front. But I guess there are some things Ashley’s better at. Mostly the “rough and tumble” stuff.

Heidi:  Roman is probably use to 5 star resort service, he’s out of his boy scouting ways! I’m sure Roman could pick out an excellent bottle of wine and pair it with an exquisite dinner entree though!

Katie:  Hey, those are some great qualities too..

Heidi:  They really are! I never have a clue not that I ever go to places like that but still…

 Liam Neeson wineKatie:  I loved how Stanley could totally tell Ashley was into Roman and let her know it in his own quiet way.

Heidi:  Yea who is this guy?! He’s very perceptive and could read Ashley like a book! He is like the wise native american shaman doling out advice and wisdom.

Katie:  His comment about her “running scared” really affected Ashley.

Heidi:  It did but it seems like she has been running scared since her mom died. Refusing to put down roots, not staying in one place for longer than a seasonal job, etc. But she always had Sunnyvale to return to which gave her the illusion she wasn’t running  but I think that’s why she was affected when Stanley made his comment. Maybe her grandmother saw that  in her too….

Katie:  I think so too. Although we focus on Roman and Ashley a lot in our  recaps, Ashley is going through a lot aside from whatever is happening with Roman. The death of a family member is a huge thing to deal with and when she opened the boxes and didn’t really find any answers, that must have been really hard.

Heidi:  And her grandmother was, for all intents and purposes, her parental figure, the person she looked to for love and protection.  Her father sounds like he wasn’t providing these things at all.  Oh man, yeah seeing all those things that to Roman looked like junk but to Ashley were triggers to a million happy memories of her grandmother.  Some people have photo albums, Ashley and her grandmother have stuffed wieners and backscratchers! The only difference is the former can be stored on a flash drive or online but the latter needs to be hauled around in a vintage airstream, much to Roman’s dismay.

Katie:  Roman doesn’t seem like he’s very nostalgic and Ashley is all about nostalgia. Although Roman has his own flashback to being a boy scout when he takes his walk in the woods.

Heidi:  Which is understandable considering his past – yikes!  I can totally get why he doesn’t like going down Memory Lane because for him that’s a dark and sad place. Well, what did you think of that Ghost town Ashley took Roman too? Freaky right?!

Katie:  Totally creepy! but it does get Roman talking about his past which was really interesting…and crazy!

Heidi: Yeah, we finally learn about Roman’s past – how is parents were Cuban refugees and were sent to Wisconsin by the government who didn’t know what else to do with them but his father was unhinged and kills the mother and the women of the American family who took her in. Yikes. That’s a pretty dark shadow that was cast on Roman even though the widowed father/husband took him in afterwards in an effort of forgiveness but in small communities like that no one ever forgets.

Katie: And he couldn’t do anything about it because he was so young. He had to stay there and stick it out while he grew up. This moment of intimacy allows them to get a lot closer. It’s the first time they’re really vulnerable around each other and we get to see them trust each other.

Heidi:  This may have been a turning point in Ashley and Roman’s “relationship” but their personalities are still at opposite ends of the spectrum!

OHHH how about the campfire?!

Katie:  Ahh, yes! He called it off just as things were getting good!


Which is to his credit because he was attempting to do things the “right way.”

Heidi:  And for that I respect him – NO ONE likes the guy who sleeps with someone before they’ve ended it with the previous girl. That’s just rude.

Katie:  I think everyone can agree with that! And then the final wrench that gets thrown in at the very end of the episode–Stanley’s coming with them! It feels like Roman and Ashley can’t catch a break!

Heidi:  That one I totally didn’t see coming!!!  I wonder why he wants to – he didn’t seem too keen on Ashley’s plan to keep Sunnyvale.

Katie:  I know… does he have something up his sleeve? Does everyone have ulterior motives?!

I can’t believe we’re left hanging like this at the end of Season 1. I’m impatient! I just want to know what happens. Darn serials.

Heidi:  I KNOW!!!!!  But what with the holidays and all coming up it might be a good thing.  We’ll just have to keep re-reading it until the second season comes out on April 4, 2014!

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