Romance Author, Suzanne Enoch’s favorite things to do + Giveaway!

Romance Author, Suzanne Enoch’s favorite things to do + Giveaway!

Romance bookThanks to the awesome Sue Grimshaw for inviting me to stop by today! If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s chat about my books. The only thing I like better is chocolate. Okay, and puppies and my family.

My latest book series of Historical Romances is at this point a quartet – or quadrilogy – under the title of “The Scandalous Brides“. I decided that I’d seen book series done about sisters, and school friends, governess fellowships, and I wanted to attempt something a little different. Something where maybe it was the heroines who were bad, or scandalous, or ruined. With that in mind I created The Tantalus Club, a gentlemen’s gaming club owned be a woman, and where only women are employed.

Who would these women be? In order to mingle with the aristocratic males of Regency England they would have to be pretty, but I also wanted them to be well-educated and clever. Maybe even more clever than most of their male clientele. The club’s policy would be strictly hands off the employees – unless the lady decided otherwise. And the men would flock to the Tantalus in droves.

The first book in the series, A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO RAKES, told the story of Diane, Lady Benchley, the founder and mastermind behind the Tantalus, and how she…convinced Oliver, the Marquis of Haybury to lend her money, his gaming acumen, and finally to give her his heart.

The newest book, TAMING AN IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE, is the tale of Lady Camille Pryce, the daughter of Viscount Montshire. When she decides not to marry the husband arranged for her since birth, she’s ruined and disowned all at the same time. This leaves her with very few options, but fortunately for her one of those choices is employment at The Tantalus Club.

Even more fortunately, her jilted fiancé decides to send someone to collect his runaway, employed bride so everyone will stop laughing at him. He sends his cousin, Keating “Bloody” Blackwood, a man with a reputation so tarnished there’s even been a well-known poem written about his exploits. Crafting a romance between two people who can’t go to soirees or the theater or meet in the conventional ways that well-bred aristocrats do in 19th century London was a challenge, and it also turned out to be a great deal of fun. For one thing, I discovered that in the early 1800’s the Tower Menagerie featured an old bear named Martin, a gift from the Hudson Bay Company, and that he loved cookies.Suzanne Enoch

Do you enjoy a connected book series? What are some of your favorites?

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