Romance chat about romance, hockey and hot dogs + Giveaway!

Romance chat about romance, hockey and hot dogs + Giveaway!

romance hockeyI love hockey — I follow blogs that talk about hockey, go to as many games as financially possible and even own a few of the Redwings jersey’s . . . . and right now the Redwings are in the playoff’s for the Stanley Cup only they are down one game — well, it is still early but they are not sweeping their opponent and that is making me nervous.

It is such an exciting, fast game don’t you think? All of these really good looking sexy guys fly across the ice – love it!

I also love romance stories that include sports, hockey in particular :)Rachel Gibson did a great job with her last series – Deidre Martin & her New York Blades series was another hit with me :)

Other authors have included football, baseball, wrestling in their stories . . . but then there are other sports that have never received any love from our romance authors, like . . . . oh, curling for example – no one’s ever based a romance story around this sport, have they? Or maybe should they is the question *wink* romance sports

What sport would you like to see authors include in their next romance book? Ruthie Knox was brave enough to include cycling in her debut RIDE WITH ME – even though Lance has escalated the awareness of the sport it was still a tricky one to incorporate into a love story . . . . and Ruthie nailed it as the story is NOT about the bike *sigh*

So we’d love to hear your ideas! What sports would you love to see incorporated into your romance books?

ride with me
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