Romance Guest, Andris, she needs a romance hero + Giveaway!

Romance Guest, Andris, she needs a romance hero + Giveaway!

I need a hero!
By Andris Bear

Now that we all have Bonnie Tyler’s Footloose hit ringing in our heads, let’s talk romance. More specifically, the delicious, sexy cornerstone of every love story–The Hero.

From the playful romantic…

romantic hero

‘Girl, what have you been eating?’

To the picture perfect pretty boy…


It took 6 hours to get this windblown look.

Around the corner to the diligent serviceman…


‘Hey gorgeous. I’m here to put out your fire.’

On down to the sugar daddy…


Uh. Never mind.

The hero makes or breaks the story for me. I like to like the heroine, but I want to want the hero.

And my personal fave, the most scrumptious top pick on my list?
The dark and mysterious bad boy.


Oh. Hell. YES!

I like ‘em a little wild–in an untamed, broody badass sort of way. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a criminal, mind you (please, what kind of deviant do you think I am?), but rubbing elbows with unsavory characters never hurt any man.

Well, okay, that’s not quite true, but just a tad of grit makes this girl swoon. I don’t want Mr. Perfect. Give me the bruised and broken hunk with a chip (like, maybe a boulder) on his shoulder, the guy who falls, out of control and definitely against his will, for the heroine.

That’s my man.

Who is your dream hero? Do you like a suave man, full of charm and style? Or perhaps a dusty, manly cowboy (another one on the top of my list)? Tell me your favorite and who you think writes him best.

Remember, every week 5 commenters are chosen for a free book, winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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