Romance Guest – Wendy & being a Domestic Goddess + Giveaway!

Romance Guest – Wendy & being a Domestic Goddess + Giveaway!
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domestic goddessBy Wendy Vella

I gave in to household pressure and baked yesterday.
While for some of you domestic goddesses this may be a regular occurrence, it is not for me. That’s not to say my children were neglected; I rustled up the obligatory cupcakes with pink and blue frosting when required in their youth. It’s just not a hobby of choice like it is for some.

But with the house now filled to capacity with hubby, adult son, adult daughter and her boyfriend (recently returned from their travels) and an Irish border, plus two dogs, you can imagine the cupboards do not stay full for long.

After several forays by different individuals into the kitchen yesterday, complete with loudly opening and closing doors, the mumbled comments with regards to my competence as a mother soon started.

I remained staunch for as long as I could, nose buried firmly inside my book, muttering that cereals and toast were an adequate substitute for cake.

But eventually I yielded to the pressure and donned my apron (figuratively, because I can’t find it).

The process of baking is somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that I never seem to have the right implements on hand. I’m always surprised when I watch those T.V. shows where people seem to have a 1/8 cup measure and a jug with all the little numbers up the sides on hand, if not two.

I’m sure I had them at some stage, they’ve just ended up melted in the microwave by one child or another who couldn’t find a convenient bowl and so grabbed my measuring jug instead.

More important, however, is locating the small scrap of paper I once wrote the favoured chocolate slice recipe on.

My cupboard organisational skills could also be called into question if someone was game enough to try. I like to think I run the bohemian household storage system; nothing stays in the same place for any length of time. This of course can cause a few heated words and door slamming, when one of the household inhabitants has placed something in a particular spot only to go back at a later date and find it moved.

I have tried to be organized.

I have bursts of productivity where I pull everything out and repackage it in brand-new containers and stack it so my cupboards look like other people’s. But in a very short space of time they are again a wonderland for canned and packaged goods that feel the need for freedom.

I tend to bake freestyle, following the recipe loosely. This means if something comes out tasting like ambrosia it is very hard to replicate. On the flip side of that coin are the muffins I made in the weekend that were like small windowless buildings that even my dogs rolled their eyes at.

Then you have the clean up. If you’re like me it is imperative while in the creative zone that you use every bowl and cooking utensil.
It’s my belief you’re either one of those wonderfully efficient people who label, bag and freeze, color code and alphabetize or you’re not. Personally I think it’s nearly impossible to change because I’ve tried and still can’t find anything!

Which one are you? Comment below – 5 winners are chosen weekly to win a free book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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