Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Young Adult, New Adult

Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Young Adult, New Adult


The Random House Publishing Group is excited to launch three new digital imprints, alongside the existing digital imprint LOVESWEPT, that will feed today’s savvy readers by bringing the best, the boldest, and the newest voices directly to them.

To the already-existing LOVESWEPT imprint for romance and women’s fiction, RHPG will add the following digital-only imprints: ALIBI, for mystery/suspense readers; HYDRA, for sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts; and FLIRT, for the rapidly-growing college-age New Adult audiences. In addition, this digital-only program will seek out the best and brightest names in the next generation of authors.

The publishing industry is always changing trying to please us, the readers :) No surprise with the introduction of Nook & Kindle more and more readers are reading their books on eReaders. Of course, many of us read both digitally & print books.

I’m excited to see our launch of three new genres in the digital publishing program, all of which I know I’ll enjoy reading – FLIRT,is a category that recently has caught my attention – the whole New Adult concept is one I never would have thought I’d have an interest in but Harry Potter & The Hunger Games have changed all of that.

Out of the categories mentioned above, which are you most excited about – ALIBI; HYDRA; FLIRT,or LOVESWEPT -love to year your thoughts!
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