Romance Post from Sharon Cullen, Ahoy, matey ???? + Giveaway!

Romance Post from Sharon Cullen, Ahoy, matey ???? + Giveaway!
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Pirate RomanceMy debut book with Loveswept is a romance all about pirates. Why pirates, you ask? Because I’m a Pisces, born to the water, loving anything that has anything to do with the water. Two years ago I told my husband that when we retire, I’m starting a catamaran business in St. Maarten so I can be on the ocean every single day. How fun would that be? The ocean breeze through your hair, the clear blue water beneath your feet. If I think hard enough, I can take myself back to that place.

Ahem. Where were we? Pirates. Right.

So for me, pirates are the bad boys of the sea—mysterious, tough, a little crazy to spit in the face of Mother Nature. In other words, a perfect hero—or in my case, the perfect heroine.pirate romance

Except after some research I discovered that pirating wasn’t exactly as romantic as I first believed. For instance did you know that not every pirate used the skull and crossbones flag? Most pirates used a black flag, but would either leave it black or paint their own definition of death on it. They would also lure their prey to them by flying the flags (called colors) of other nations. Then, when the approaching ship got close, the “colors” would come down and the black flag would go up. Tricky, tricky.

Fighting on the seas was not an easy task either. The ship’s cannons were on the sides of the ships so they would have to maneuver around until their sides faced each other and they had to be very close for the cannons to be effective. And not only did they use cannon balls to fire from the cannons, but when they ran out of those, they used whatever was at hand, stuffing it into the cannon and firing it at the other ship. Those poor people didn’t know what was coming at them!

Yet piracy was a much better alternative to working for Her/His Royal Majesty’s Navy. While in the navy you had no say, no vote, and were forced to work day and night. The pay was nothing and the food horrible. On a pirate ship the pay was very good and the ship was run like a democracy with everyone getting a vote. The food was much better as well. No wonder so many fled the navy to become pirates.

So what do you think is the perfect “heroic” career to read about in a romance novel?

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Bio: Sharon Cullen writes historical romance for Loveswept, paranormal romance for Carina Press and Samhain Publishing and romantic suspense with Samhain Publishing. She’s addicted to social networking. You can always find her on Facebook and Twitter. Visit her blog where she chronicles the Kitchen Remodel from Hell as well as other fun and interesting things. You can find more information about Sharon and her books at her website.

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