Romance Readers Are Asking: What to Read Next After Fifty Shades of Grey

Romance Readers Are Asking: What to Read Next After Fifty Shades of Grey
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Our blog today, is based on what to read after you’ve read the series of Fifty Shades of Greyerotic romance

It is thrilling to see the influx of readers into our Romance genre, the question is can we say it is all because of E L James & her Grey series — probably not, but it is still fun to see just the same.

Over the last few weeks you all have been testing my bookselling knowledge as I’ve been trying to come up with books for you to read when Grey is done. Never fear, I’ve put my fingers to the keyboard searching for ‘those’ books; I’ve made my mind perform memory-gymnastics trying to recall all of those sexy books that sell so well; and I’ve asked other readers what is hot in Erotica, and what is not. . . . we’ll tell you ‘who’, which authors and the books you may enjoy after reading the phenomena of Fifty Shades of Grey, ready?

  • Robin Schone - Gabriel’s Woman; Lady’s Tutor – and really anything else she’s ever written, this is true historical erotica.
  • Bertrice Small – ANY of Skye O’Malley books (whew); The Love Slave; A Dangerous Love (any of the Border Chronicles); loved The Border Vixen — these are all historical, steamy romances; and for contemporary I enjoyed – Guilty Pleasures; Passionate Pleasures (all part of the Pleasure series); actually, you can’t go wrong with anything she writes – very sexy.
  • Lora Leigh - although I love Lora’s new releases, lets just face it, mainstream romance stories are more subdued, more . . . mainstream :) I personally think her Feline Breeds series is one of the hottest – definitely erotica – Tempting the Beast ; The Man Within; Kiss of Heat, etc. All of the titles mentioned are paranormal erotica but Leigh does have other contemporary stories too.
  • Jory Strong although not yet mainstream she is a favorite in the erotica crowd – some of her titles to try include: Healing Seduction; Familiar Pleasure and so forth – again, she writes a mix of contemporary and paranormal erotica stories.
  • THE DARK GARDEN – by Eden Bradley – recently reissued with new cover – If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey . . . get ready to enter The Dark Garden. Yeah, it is that good.
  • erotic romance

    That’s a lot of books already and I’ve only mentioned four authors! The interesting thing about erotica stories is that whether it is historical or contemporary or even paranormal, they all seem to work — you’re less caught up in the context of the story and much more involved in the characters, their thoughts, how they are processing some of these very sexy scenes.

  • Maya Banks is another author that is writing a few more mainstream, sweeter stories today, however, she’s not neglected her erotic fans: The Sweet series was a personal fave of mine including – Sweet Surrender, Sweet Addiction, Sweet Persuasion, Sweet Possession – you can check out her
  • Susan Fox aka Susan Lyons has a few steamy ones out there – I enjoyed Love Unexpectedly - Nev was sexy.
  • Sharon Page is another author who writes historical & contemporary stories & does a great job with both – Sin was very good :)
  • Kate Douglas - great author but gets a little out there — careful as you may fall upon a menage when you’re least expecting – check our her booklist here Mostly paranormal erotic stories.
  • Vonna Harper – runs the gamut on sub-genres and they are all hawt good reads.

  • Only a start I know — but I wanted to share authors and their stories that we’re familiar with. The authors noted above will be as equally satisfying as EL James and her Fifty Shades of Grey series. Please be comforted and take note, there are so many more authors for you to choose from and because we are your friends here at Romance At Random, we will compile another list for your reading pleasure to post next month!
    Is that something you would like to see? Please comment and let us know so we may prepare another list of sexy reads for you.

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