Romance Readers – understanding the H/H + 15 book giveaway!

Romance Readers – understanding the H/H + 15 book giveaway!
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One of the most important things for me when reading a book is understanding the characters . . . what makes them tick . . . what motivates them. What about you? Let’s chat.

As a reader, I need to understand why the characters make the decisions they do and in order to have that understanding I need to know more about them, what are they like as people – their background, their upbringing. Readers need to relate to the characters, the H/H have got to be real, people you would want to know and above all they’ve got to think, act and talk like us – do you know what I mean?

Family background and upbringing are important to a persons development — how we grew up matters and molds us into the people we are today. It is important to know if our H/H have brothers and sisters? Where they grew up – inner city or in the country? What were their parents like – were they supportive or abusive? Are our H/H academic’s, or did they grow up on the street, or maybe both? All of these things, and more, develop the H/H and help us understand them so we can better understand their actions, reactions and motivations . . . . does this make sense?

For example, childhood tragedies can affect a persons decisions later in life – if our heroine’s parent(s) died when she was at a young age it may impact our heroine later in life and her decision to marry or not – maybe she’s now developed a subconscious fear of marrying and losing someone she loves. If a reader understands this about the heroine we can better understand her decision not to marry and so on.

Or, if the heroine was attacked by a dog when she was a child this incident could have terrified her so much that she developed a fear of all animals; a readers knowledge of this in a story could help us better understand our heroines reluctance to ride a horse and so forth.

What we experience as kids and adults impact us and our decisions and can determine how we act.

Question of the day – and a chance to win one of 5 copies of Nightingale Way & 5 Net Galley Preview copies of BLAZE OF WINTER PLUS 5 Net Galley Preview copies of The Recruit by Monica McCarty!- winners announced on 8/12 – what is something that has impacted you and has affected you to think or act a certain way?

For me, my father died when I was 17 – he was very young and although our family had a modest income we were not prepared for his death. So, I’ve always been focused on earning a good living and paying my own way, having a savings account and so forth. Because of this, I can easily relate to some of the historical regencies where the hero’s father died young and he had to step up and try to fill is father’s shoes.

Ok – you’re next! comment below & increase your chances to win – good luck!

Happy Romance!

Emily Marchmonica Mccartyelisabeth barrett

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